Waiting for the Wings…

First off let me get in a free plug for Holties (Bar and Restaurant) in Barnhart. In my opinion, they have the “BEST TRASHED WINGS” in the area. Their regular hot wings are pretty good as well. One other bit of business before I hop into my blog topic: WHY THE HELL IS HIGHWAY M STILL CLOSED AT 55? If someone could answer that for me, that would be greeeeaaaat.

One night late last week, I sat down at the bar and placed my order with the lady bartender: a cheese burger with fries and two orders of wings to go. I ordered a batch of regular hot wings and a second for trashed wings (MINE!). This young looking Caucasian guy who introduced himself as Joshua (apparently he works at Mobil on the Run in Pevely!), obviously a bit drunk, sits down next to me and shout-talks to me about how he wanted to punch the guy in the mirror in the bathroom. I said, wouldn’t that guy in the mirror be your face? Slurring his words, he said: No actually it was your face! (he smiled warily) Diffusing the moment, I distracted him by asking how he shattered the face of his smartphone. From here he starts telling me about how great Castlewood State Park (near Ballwin, MO) is for hiking because that is where he dropped his phone face down on some rocks. I informed him that I disliked hiking but I did like dogs and often there are people walking their dogs at parks. He proceeded to show me a picture of his friend’s dog who was hiking with them earlier that day (spooky coincidence). Overhead on the bar TV the Cardinals game was over and they were recapping the low lights. Again I must remind you, Joshua was shout-talking as some drunk are want people do. The lady bartender tried to coax him into speaking in a normal inside voice but to no avail. He insisted that I add him on Snapchat but I did not have service in the bar (thanks T-Mobile!). I put on a frown and conveyed that I was unable to make that happen for him. For the ten minutes or so that I sat at the bar waiting for my food, he pretty much sat there shouting my ear off but not in mean way mind you so it wasn’t too bad. Actually I kind of took the situation as a challenge. I tried to think of random topics and mention them to him to see how he would respond.

After awhile one of the servers took pity on me and asked, “Aren’t you waiting on food?” I replied that I was indeed and she retrieved the cooked items from the prep area. Taking my take out, I bid Joshua a good night and told him to get home safe. Some people might have been annoyed by this stranger and just blew him off. But it was only ten minutes out of my life and my jaw was not wired shut so what would it hurt to talk to him? If nothing else, I think I entertained the staff of Holties by keeping this young man out of their collective hair and let them do their jobs without interruption for a bit.

Morale of my story…sometimes go with the flow and see where it takes you.

Have a great Hump Day!



Holties Pub and Restaurant – Facebook

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