Good morning!

For clarification, if needed, I am stating that I writing this post about the book/movie It – as in Stephen King’s It and not IT which is an abbreviation for Information Technology. Although I do imagine once or twice in his lifetime, Stephen King probably needed some sort of IT support and that could be construed as Stephen King’s IT. But I digress.

Stephen King is credited with having 59 of his books published. There are a few revisions of his earlier books that were republished and The Green Mile was initially published in six parts or mini-books and then published as one complete book. However you want to dice it up, the man has published 50+ unique books which is quite remarkable. Of those fifty plus books, I have read twenty. Of those twenty, eight were focused on The Dark Tower series and they were far and away my favorites of his that I read. Of the rest that I read, I really enjoyed The Eyes of the Dragon and Needful Things. The remainder were good but as is the norm with Stephen King, you can ask him what time it is and he will tell you how to build a clock. My meaning is that sometimes you don’t need forty-five words to describe something that could just as easily been said in ten. The one caveat to me liking all of his works is that I did not like Gerard’s Game. I mention this because I heard from Kristi’s aunt that Hollywood has made this book into a movie as well. Meh. The last physical book of Stephen King’s that I read was The Dark Tower: The Wind through the Keyhole (April 2012). Presently my girlfriend has a trio of his books on the shelf to read in the Finders Keepers series (Bill Hodges Trilogy?) but I have no real desire to read them.

With the lead up out of the way, let’s proceed. Sequentially, the thirteenth book written by Mr. King is titled: It. According to the inter-web, It was published in September 1986 and subsequently there was a movie produced in 1990, both featuring a demonic clown.

I am not here to give away spoilers or crucial plot points in case you plan on seeing the original movie or part one of the remake that is in theaters presently. Really I am just here to note that for the first time in my life, I saw the original It movie from the Amazon on Demand streaming service about week and a half ago. The book crawled out of the sewers in 1986, the movie in 1990; I’m just now seeing It. Back when I used to read a lot, I didn’t read the book. Upon hearing the synopsis, I had no interest in a scary clown tale. On a completely unrelated note, there is a movie called Vulgar from 2002 that also features a clown…but this movie is scary for completely different reasons.

OK steering back on topic. Why did I finally see this movie? Well because Kristi and Ayden wanted to watch it and I was like: Why the heck not? The original movie is two parts put together, so do not be surprised when the running time is well over three hours. This past Saturday night, Kristi, myself, her aunt and the lead singer for The Nightmare: An Alice Cooper Experience (see Facebook), went to go see Chapter One of the remake at the movie theater in Arnold, Missouri. It (the movie) was pretty good. Some scenes were a bit gorier than the original but the filmmakers made a few slight creative alterations to the original that kept my interest level peaked. If you like scary type stuff I would recommend It (the movie remake) whether you have seen the original or not.

On a personal note, I really love movies from the 80’s. It does not matter to me if they were movies actually made in the 80’s or just movies redone and set in the 80’s (see The Wedding Singer, Take Me Home Tonight, etc.). I’m guessing it’s the nostalgia factor or something but I find them amusing, even for some of the movies where the acting is awesomely bad. OK this PSA for 80’s movies is done.

Have a spectacularly tubular and Mondo day!


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