Friday and Blog Looking Back (B Vitamins)

Good day and greetings! Today is Friday, although it may not be that specific day wherever or whenever you happen upon this blog post.

As I like to do from time to time, I check out my reader stats to see who is reading my stuff and from where. A level down (from the total readers) tells me what is being read. I find it very interesting that in the first five plus days of October that the post of mine getting the most attention is a piece I wrote in June of 2015 on B vitamins. Aside from the regular readers that land on my ‘Home Page’ as it is book-marked, the next most viewed page (unknown search terms on Google) is on this piece I composed (with an image chart) detailing the effects, benefits and side effects of each class of B vitamins. Fascinating stuff – I mean the 19 separate hits on a piece 27 months old! – the post is quasi-interesting as well. Doing a quick scan of the B vitamin chart, perhaps I am in need of some B5!

If curiosity strikes you, you can always refer to my list of blog topics contained on its own page in a neat little spreadsheet. Granted some of the titles are vague or generic but there are many more with legit searchable information. I shall try to have another thought provoking post up later today as time allows.

Enjoy your Friday or other day you are currently experiencing!



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