I wanna be famous…

…said the seven year old boy.

 Good morning and welcome to mid-month October. Over the weekend I got to spend an extended period of time with my fiancé’s seven year old son Ayden. We normally spend evenings together during the week but from Friday night through Saturday and Sunday afternoon, it was just us dudes. He went to softball with me on Friday and supervised while I mowed the lawn and power-washed the deck on Saturday. We ate together and went to Walmart together and played some Uno and the board game Clue together. Back-tracking to the morning hours of Saturday, we went out to Hillsboro to visit my friend Matt who had been storing some of my belongings in his basement. While we were there visiting, we (me and Matt) were using the Tetris method to load my belongings into my spatially challenged car. But in the end, everything fit!

 While this was going on, Ayden charmed one of Matt’s daughter’s (her name is Emily) into playing a video game on the Xbox console. Minecraft was the game. He and she were virtually walking around the environment and he was wearing a headset to add some commentary. When the car was loaded, I told him to wrap the game up so we could return home and unload. Apparently through some function of the Xbox, they were able to ‘record’ their game actions and commentary. This data has the possibly to be uploaded later I was told.

 Once we were in the car and headed home, Ayden said how much fun he had playing with ‘that girl’. He was this uber-bad habit of not asking people’s names or if he does, instantly forgetting them. (SMH) From there he stated he wanted to be famous. As per usual, I probed the topic to get the seven year old perspective:

 Ayden: I want to be famous.

Me: Why?

Ayden: Because it will be cool.

Me: Why will it be cool?

Ayden: Because I will be on Youtube and everyone can see me.

Me: What do you think being famous means?

Ayden: Having videos on Youtube and getting 100 likes. Then I can celebrate and be famous.

Me: Well, I don’t think 100 likes makes you famous. Also, that Minecraft game didn’t have your face in it, only you talking like a goofball. And since you didn’t remember ‘that girl’s’ name, how will you find your video?

Ayden: (silence)

Me: If you really want to be famous, you need to do something more interesting than playing Minecraft. Maybe you could draw pictures or come up with a story and then make a video of that.

Ayden: Nah, I’ll just do a different video game.

 (Facepalm…while driving on a twisty, turning country road)

 This train of thought carried over into last night’s Sports Stalkers podcast (Sunday night). On the way to Jeremy’s house to record our podcast, Ayden speaks up: 

Ayden: I’m going to ask Jeremy if I can take Dustin’s spot in the podcast.

Me: Is that so you can get famous?

Ayden: Yes.

Me: Jeremy and I do the podcast to talk about sports and we are not famous.

Ayden: I think I can make you guys famous.

Me: Do you know anything about baseball or football?

Ayden: No.

Me: So what are you going to talk about on the podcast then?

Ayden: I don’t know. You write down notes, I’ll just use your notes.

Me: But you don’t know any of the players or how the games are really played.

Ayden: Well maybe I will just make my own podcast and talk about video games.

 (Facepalm again)

 I have a feeling this could get interesting over the next several years. This attention hound boy, Ayden, I suspect will not be giving up this avenue/outlet for his energy so easily. Depending on what online presence mom allows and his ability to plan and direct his creative energy…who knows, maybe he could become ‘100 likes famous’?

 But until then, it looks you will just have to stay tuned to me to see what the mini-evil genius is developing next.

 Have a great week!




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