What should I write about?

Good morning. Today is Tuesday, October 17th. That reminds me, I need to procure a light blue dress shirt so I can complete the ensemble cast for Halloween at work by embodying ‘The Professor’ from Gilligan’s Island the long ago TV show. Forewarned, I look nothing like the actor Russell David Johnson who portrayed ‘The Professor’; may he rest in peace since he passed away in early 2014. A quick trivia question: ‘The Professor’ actually was not his given name on the show. What was his character’s name?


<<<Jeopardy Theme>>>


So answer time. What did you come up with from just your brain? No search engine or Siri help allowed. I’m going to say you came up with nothing. If you say you knew his character’s name was Roy Hinkley, I am either going to accuse you of being a flat out liar…or a Gilligan’s Island Groupie. Because let’s be serious, we are talking about a TV series that started out being produced in black and white and then went off ‘the air’ about 50 years ago. Wow. That’s quite a lot to process. I would imagine most 20-somethings or younger have probably never even heard of the show (much less the animated series from the mid-1970’s).

 Anyway, my assignment for work for the Halloween (group) contest is to dress up like a guy who was ‘stranded’ on an island with six other people for three years. His wardrobe consisted of a light blue dress shirt, open at the collar with an extra button undone, sleeves rolled up to the elbows, light gray slacks with a dark brown belt, white socks and strange tennis shoes. Seriously, this is my costume agenda. I can probably scrounge up this outfit in like 15 minutes at Goodwill for less than $15 or go to Kohls and get the same stuff for like $90. And let me just say, whatever all natural clothes cleaner they developed on the island must have been incredible. Those castaways wore nearly the same clothes every day for the run of the show and never did they look stained or wrinkled or ratty. A detergent that powerful on dirt and stains but gentle enough to not destroy the fabrics…wow! That product would be worth a fortune in today’s global economy!

 Ok so I guess that settles it. I will write about my Halloween costume.

 Hopefully you found this post entertaining and perhaps a little educational. Those who do not learn their history are doomed to repeat it! Not sure what history is getting repeated from this long gone by TV era, but that is the saying so beware!





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