Softball is not Dead!

 Some of you may be confused by the title of this post. If any of you around the globe listened to my podcast interview with Mark Balven, former NSA Director, you might remember him stating that he thought softball was dying. While the sheer numbers in the sport may not be what they once were, judging by the turn out at multiple events over this past weekend in Missouri and Illinois, the sport is still doing alright. Go about your business, nothing to see here.

 For those of you that checked out my free website, promoting myself (SLSL – Scott Latta’s Social Lair), I thank you. It is still a work in progress so check back here and there and I will try to refine the flow and content. Presently it is crude but functional (just like me!). There are links to most of my social media outlets plus a contact form for you to reach out and comment on the site or suggest content or request creative collaboration! My goal over the next few years is to be more aggressive with my writing projects and do something, creatively speaking, as a source of income. Time will tell if I can hack it doing that, but I am excited for the challenge.

 Also, if any wealthy people would like to: sponsor my wedding, donate their breath-taking venue for a weekend in October-November of 2018 or fly in Maroon Five to play at the wedding, that would be fabulous.

 In case you were randomly wondering, the custom of exchanging wedding rings came to pass, per the inter-web, roughly about 5000 years ago. Honestly I had no clue about this tidbit but found it interesting nonetheless.

 It’s been a weird couple of days at work. I had a co-worker come up to me in the hall and ask if I knew my fiancé’s friend Alicia because of a Facebook post I commented on about kickball. Then today my HR rep came up to my desk excitedly and asked if I knew Corey, whom I played tourney ball with this past summer, again because of a Facebook post tie-in.

 Today is Tuesday and I think I am off because of the dip in temps or all the sodium from my lunch sandwiches from Lion’s Choice roast beef. It’s really hard to tell at this point. #ScrambledBrains




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