Welcome to the Jumble!


Good afternoon! Hope your Friday is treating you well. In light of all the unrest being generated by the social media viral idiocy, a co-worker suggested I take aim at some of the nonsense being propagated (i.e. racist cereal promotions that are obviously not racist but the people interpreting them as so might be, etc.) but I say nay. Don’t get me wrong, I have an opinion on all the craziness running amok but who has the kind of energy needed to run down each and every ninny turning over metaphorical rocks to find mythical monsters that don’t really reside there? Hmmm?

 Instead, I thought I would go in a little more whimsical direction and post some of the GIF’s and memes I circulated today to friends and social media outlets. Hope you enjoy them and it provides a delightful distraction to all the visible cracks in the framework of society!


P.S. I want to go see JIGSAW the movie! Who wants to go with?




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