Chasing, not going to chase…fess up!

Greetings to everyone on this first edition of Monday in the month of November; I hope your weekend had pleasant aspects to it.

 As frequently happens, I’m here to post something to my blog and see where it goes. Some of you may know that in doing my ‘day job’, I am tasked with asking people for money. I do business to business collections where I contact companies to see why their invoices have not yet been cleared or satisfied. It’s nothing ominous or all that heavy-handed. It is merely what I do to put food on the table and receive Ebay items in my mailbox to open. OK so what is the significance of me disclosing what I do for a living? Glad you asked (maybe you didn’t but I’m going to assume you at least thought it).

 Since I spend 40+ hours per week ‘reminding’ people to pay their obligations, sometimes it truly is just an oversight on their part, when it comes to my personal life…I just don’t want to do it. Whether it is a request to pay me back for something or send me something I already paid for / requested (a jersey perhaps?), I just don’t wanna. If I am obligated or semi-obligated to do something for someone, I try to knock it out as soon as possible without reminder. And you can darn sure bet if I do have to be reminded; there won’t need to be a second reminder. I take pride in being dependable and a person that people never have to worry about making good on their promises to them. On that rare occasion where I can’t make good on something or pay them back in a timely fashion, I let the person or group know and I genuinely feel bad about it. This being said, I try to limit those instances to very few and extremely far between but sometimes life just changes your whole course. I’m not saying I deal with a ton of people who don’t come through like they are supposed to…but even the handful of instances that have happened this year are enough to grind my gears. PSA: Do not string people along if you have zero intentions of living up to your word. PSA OVER. I would rather you tell me upfront, yeah I’d like to do ‘X’ but in all honesty I’m not going to be able to pay you back or the thing you paid for/requested got lost or taken or destroyed or ended up attached to one of the talons of a red-tailed hawk that escaped while on a road trip to South Dakota. Don’t leave loose end hanging out there. People have lives and there is plenty to disappoint in those days…so don’t add to it!

 OK I feel a bit better. The fiancé and I are looking at another potential wedding reception venue tomorrow night, so wish us luck that we can nail down a place and time!




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