Missing Eyelashes!

Sorry to report, as of the writing of this post, today is not Friday. I shall try to be patient but by nature I am not very patient.

OK so you may be wondering…about the title. Perhaps not but I’m going to explain it anyway. About 20 minutes ago it felt like a had something in my right eye. A speck of dust, an eyelash, bits of dried tiny space debris or a micro-shrunken boomerang that someone just unleashed as a joke? Who can say for sure. So in trying to clear the irritant from my right eye, I wiped out two eyelashes and proceeded to pull out five more. Now this activity caused an electro-something impulse in my brain to cause my left eye to start feeling like there was something happening there. With my swift action impulse activated, I pulled out 6 eyelashes on the left side. Now both sides are perfectly fine and I can go about my day.

This random, go-nowhere post is brought to you free of charge and with no commercial interruptions!

Have a functional Thursday and maybe, sometime soon, it will be Friday!


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