The Gutter / Light Man!


Good morning! I hope your annual trip to Turkeytown was a pleasant one!

This past weekend a few things occurred. First off, I played the annual Lager Sluggers flag football game at Fenton Park. I not only survived and avoided injury but my team also won 40-32! On Friday, Kristi and I went to Lowes to purchase a fridge and stove to replace the failing ones inside the house presently. Another component to the 4-day weekend was household chores. After the game on Thursday, I headed home to stain the back deck with coat #1 of wood stain. That was Thursday, of course, as the turkey flies. On Friday, after a late start to my initiative I put up the Christmas lights along the roof gutters on the front of the house (Note: I cleaned out the front gutters too!). I must’ve done a pretty darn good job because my fiancé recommended my services to her mom for her Christmas decorating needs!

This goes to show that the old adage, ‘no good deed goes unpunished’ is alive and well. In theory, if I would’ve done a shoddy job, Kristi would not have bragged on me and my evening of Wednesday this week would be free after work. But noooo! I had to try to do my best and make things look nice! What a jerk I am!

Obviously I am kidding but I find it amusing that I will be up on the roof of my future mother-in-law’s in two days time. I had probably better do a good job or she might remove the ladder exit from the roof and I could be stuck up there until I get it right. Hopefully I do not have any Griswold moments in the process. We shall see.

Everyone have a splendid last Monday in November (Cyber Monday). Remember if you are randomly buying me apparel, I like XL shirts, size 36 jeans and size 12 shoes! Gaming consoles are cool with me as well if you were wondering.

Have a great rest of November!



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