James Laurinaitis – 33, 55, 53 hike!

Hello and Happy Thursday!

As some of you know I do a podcast with a softball buddy of mine (Jeremy) called Sports Stalkers (https://sportsstalkers.podbean.com/). In the course of doing this sports-flavored podcast, we try to secure interviews with sports figures. Some of our interviewees are in baseball, football, basketball, hockey, softball and other genres. We also are trying to get sports entertainment personalities (wrestling). So in this vein, I have been trying to get the attention of James Laurinaitis on Twitter. James previously played professional football in town (St Louis) with the Rams. In reaching out to these different athletes and personalities, I try to be prepared and do a little research. Come to find out on Mr. Laurinaitis, (yes I know his dad is Road Warrior Animal from WWE wrestling fame) he played his college football at Ohio State University. No big deal right? Well in the pros he wore number 55 and number 53 but in college, he wore #33! That has been my softball number for a very long time. Additionally, today’s date is November 30, 2017…and James’ birthday is coming up soon. Like in three days soon! Ah research!

So from my blog and the Sports Stalkers podcast: Happy Early 31st Birthday James! And below are some pix from the Google search engine. Enjoy!




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