Grumpy Old Men – Respawned!

The countdown relentlessly rolls on. Only two more weeks until the Christmas! (panic and chaos ensues)

Are we good now? Alright, let’s talk about something of a pop culture nature. Back in the mid-1990’s (Yes I know that’s soooo long ago), there were a couple of movies starring Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau. The first one in 1993 was titled Grumpy Old Men. The sequel came out in 1995 titled Grumpier Old Men. The first title is available on Hulu or Netflix, I forget which, and is a great lazy day (or sick day or snow day) watch. It’s got that 80-90’s feel with the cars and the TV’s and I recommend both.

What brings up this sudden endorsement of the movies? Well first off, they are entertaining. Secondly, why the heck not? But in reality I think this franchise would be great to remake since Hollywood is on the remake treadmill with everything else.

Yes I did just endorse a franchise to be remade. Do not adjust your screen or your eyes. Usually I am very anti-movie remakes. Let’s face it, the remakes generally do not measure up well to the originals, especially when they follow the exact same course (lines and action sequences). But in reviewing the cast list for the original movie from, only three actors are still living today of the first seven listed (Ann Margaret –  76, Kevin Pollack – 60, Daryl Hannah – 57). So why not reboot with say Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Charles Robinson (Mack from Night Court)? The possibilities are endless and you would have a pretty good demographic to draw from with ages 30 and over.

Also if we do it classy like and update the world to the modern day, you could take the story in several different directions (Viagra would probably sponsor the whole movie).  In so doing, it would pay homage to the acting greats of yesteryear who are no longer with us: Jack Lemon, Walter Matthau, Burgess Meredith, Ossie Davis and many, many more. All I ask in return is 3 percent of the film’s profits.

Well time is short, so I must be going. As always, thanks for giving me a read and Happy Holidays to all!



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