Let It Snow…no seriously

Yesterday in Buffalo, New York there was a rather meaningless football game between the Buffalo Bills and the Indianapolis Colts. In reality neither one of these teams is a really a threat to win a Superbowl any time soon, although the Bills could squeak into the playoffs with a little help in the remaining weeks. But what really was of interest in this meeting of two very mediocre teams was: The Weather.

And yes I capitalized The Weather to show Mother Nature some respect. This football contest was played with several inches of snow on the field, so much so that it obscured the actual playing surface. Periodically, snow blowers were brought onto the field to try to clear off some of the yardage lines (10, 20, 30, etc.) but with the snow still falling from the sky it was an uphill battle. Ultimately this game was decided in overtime when the Bills scored a touchdown to clinch the victory 13-7.

So what’s the big deal? In baseball or tennis or golf when the elements turn inclement, the action usually stops or gets postponed. And with the exception of the Winter Classic in hockey, hockey and basketball are played indoors under controlled conditions. So that gives football these unique performances. It seems like every year there is at least one of these snow games in football and I think they are fascinating. Don’t get me wrong, in no way shape or form would I want to attend one of these games. But to watch safely from afar, tucked under a nice warm blanket with the TV remote close at hand, it is fantastic. Football is about power and control but in these elements, it’s hard for anyone to be in control or powerful with loose footing and bodies sliding everywhere. Mostly I think I just like seeing live snow since we get so little here in Missouri.

But if you hear people from here (near St Louis) talk, you would think we get 30 feet of snow each winter. The way everyone raids the grocery stories and schools close for a forecast of flurries, it’s definitively a SMH (Shaking My Head) kind of insanity. Perhaps one day the climate will shift and real snows will once again return to Missouri or more realistically, I would have to win the Powerball to be able to travel to Denver or Cleveland or Minnesota or other northern states where the elusive snow beast lives. Pretty sad when I have to put my eggs in the Powerball basket to hope for something like that to happen, yes?

Oh well. Nice victory Buffalo and great celebration Mother Nature. I wish happy sledding to everyone near and far. Good day friends!



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