Customer Service…or not

Hello and Merry one week until Christmas (Monday to Monday).

Today I have had two encounters with two different companies for issues that required engaging these companies’ customer service departments. The first one, after a 23 day wait and second impatient Tweet, resulted in the desired outcome to replace my damaged iPad from last month’s flight to Atlanta. The second interaction was not as successful, even though this bout of customer service is on its sixth e-mail response on top of a verbal call that came while standing in the TV room of a tire replacement business.

I’m not going to call out the airline that made good (finally) on my damage claim or the toy company that is still chasing me around the table for a replacement Star Wars drone product. But in today’s age of instant communications (website contact forms and e-mail), you would think that a guy would be able to wrap these things up in a matter of days…not weeks. Sheesh!

OK I’m not going to dwell on these things since there are other things to devote energy to in this allegedly-festive season. I hope you are having a great week and with a mere 13 days left in this year, you are in a good state of mind. If not, call, text or IM me – my contact info is on my website: – and we can hash it out and maybe I can help elevate your spirits.

To all of good cheer, pip-pip cheerio!



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