KAYAK for live streaming services

Today is December 19th. Quick name something December 19th is known for…

Charles Dickens publishes “A Christmas Carol” – selling 6000 copies (1843) ?

First NHL game played on ‘artificial’ ice in Toronto (1917) ?

First indoor US curling rink opens indoors (1920) ?

Cleveland Browns defeat the Buffalo Bills 49-7 in AAFC championship game (1948) ?

The movie Platoon starring Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger and Willem Dafoe is released (1986) ?

Were any of those your choice for significant happenings for December 19th? If not, no biggie, there’s plenty more history but history can be like dry toast when you are craving a steak.

Speaking of craving, sometimes I really have a desire to watch a specific movie. Today it was A Nightmare on Elm Street – the original first movie of the franchise, not that wobbly remake from several years ago (2010). On my PS3 I have Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video, Crackle and a couple of other minor streaming services. But in order to find out if any of those services have a selection, I have to activate the program/app and search for the title. Yes I can go on-line and Google search to see if any of those services carry the movie, but their information is not always up to date based on expiring agreements with the various movie companies et al that provide the library content.

Naturally this led my miffed brain to contemplate a hypothetical needed service like the online travel site kayak.com. Somehow the search metrics behind the scenes for kayak.com wrangle up data from all these online travel companies (airlines, car rental places, hotels, cruises, etc.) to give the person searching a relatively up to date snapshot of all the competitors. A similar website on the insurance side is progressive.com. So why not a surf site that cross-references TV, movies, games and the like on one of these kayak-like sites? Yes I know this is super lazy and sounds a bit whiny but in today’s iPhone a year society, I don’t think it’s too far of a reach.

After looking on Netflix and Hulu with no success, I settled on a version from Youtube.com.  But, for some reason, the dialogue sounds like a record that is playing too slow or that every character has a head cold. As I type this blog post, Johnny Depp’s character is being undermined by a cassette recording of an airplane taking off that morphs into a car wreck with a lady screaming. Thank you 1984!

Everyone have a great pre-Hump Day. Remember: it is important to stretch and limber up before getting into the full swing of actual Hump Day.



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