Laptop for writing needed


Today is Thursday morning and I am surfing online trying to find a reasonably cheap but long term writing computer. No gaming, just something to plug away with to type up my stories (in Microsoft Word) and maybe have a browser window open in the background if I need to research something quickly.

The catch: It seems like most of the inexpensive computers for $180-$250 come with Office 365. Office 365 unlike the other Microsoft suites packages is a subscription service. The yearly subscription prices seem to range from $50-$100 (depending on the product you opt to get) after the first year of included (complimentary) service. I have tried to search for laptops with the Office 2016 package (non-subscription) but have not found many options. Also with many of these inexpensive laptops there is no CD/DVD drive so if I would like to add one of these programs I would probably need to invest in an external drive. For the most part the pricing on those drives isn’t too bad with a retail cost of $30-$50 for an average model.

Right now I am trying to pay down some bills and save for a November wedding. Based on my budget and income restraints, I may be stuck with trying to coax my older Mac computer through another year. Hopefully the Apple people come out with a more stable OS (operating system) and the laptop itself does not set my lap on fire as it gets quite warm after about 15 minutes of use.

In the event you are a wealthy person with an overflow of laptops and would like to donate one to me, please e-mail me ( with your demands.

Hope everyone is looking forward to a pleasant weekend and will not get food poisoning.



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