Hump Day – 01-24-2018 – Haircut & Lady Gaga


Hello and welcome to this Wednesday morning edition of my blog. This post is semi-dedicated to my haircut experience from yesterday. Here are their stories ((Law & Order sound effect))

Wait…today isn’t Wednesday anymore? Dadgumit!

Ok well let’s adjust for the lost day. Two days ago, I scooted out of work like a dog with worms. I hopped into the car, backed out of the (parking) spot, went around the drive circle, made a left turn onto the street, followed the curve of the road, then made another left turn  and finished off with a left turn once the light changed to green (GO)! This sequence of events put me on Olive Boulevard needing to merge onto I-270 aka Hell Highway. Guess which way I turned to get on the highway? Correct…it was a left!

From there, as is customary, I zoned out for a while. In my experiences I’ve found this is the best way to cope with the idiocy of occurrences you must deal with when habitually driving on this path paved in evil. Luckily I was able to re-engage my brain and remember that I wanted to get a haircut! I promise you that this will not turn into a commercial endorsement for Great Clips off of Vogel there in Arnold/Imperial right across the road from The Home Depot. It will not!

I will spare you the Google Maps turn by turn that put me in front of the check-in counter but rest assured, I ended up there. I did not use the Great Clips app and check-in online but simply arrived like a human from the 1950’s and asked if they had an opening for a haircut experience. They indicated that indeed they did have a services availability; 2.5 minutes later I was summoned to ascend to the chair! My haircuts over the years are nothing special which is to say more of nuisance for the required maintenance. On this visit, my stylist strongly resembled Lea DeLaria from Orange is the New Black (Big Boo) or Loreli from The John Larroquette Show circa 1994-1995 if you prefer. In real life I have no clue how tall Ms. DeLaria is but my stylist was nearly a foot shorter than me! I am only slightly exaggerating; I felt like a legit giant next to her and especially when she asked me to slouch in the chair so she could adequately cut my hair.

If you would ask her, she would probably say I was pleasant and engaging – that is if she remembers me. We made the usual small talk that unacquainted strangers do for the sake of niceties. But eventually we got to talking about music based on the current selection that was playing in the salon for the umpteenth time that day according to her. From there she proceeded to educate me on the entity known as Lady Gaga. Apparently there was some sort of Behind The Music type show (documentary?) on Lady’s origins and she learned some interesting backstory on Lady Gaga the artist versus Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta the human singer. To boil down the gist of the conversation, my stylist intimated that Lady Gaga was not Stefani’s first choice of how to showcase her talents. But apparently the music industry collectively snubbed their noses at her just being a good singer so she created this over the top persona to get noticed. I told her I could totally see that based on how no one blinks at the crazy daily happenings anymore. Unless you are on a reality TV talent show they are not interested in good singers. They need that wow or holy crap factor to put them over the top to stand out.

I have to apologize to my stylist for forgetting her name but if you go in there, you will probably be able to figure out who I am talking about when you see her. This has been a PSA for getting your haircut and making conversations with strangers. You just never know what information you will leave with that you didn’t have before!

Have a great post Hump Day.



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