The day is over before it has begun…

Does this happen to you? You wake up and your entire day is gone. When I say gone I mean that as soon as you wake up, the entire day is already planned and accounted for from start to finish. That is me some days and those are difficult days to muck my way through in my opinion. On a more stressful scale, I can only imagine what professional athletes or musical performers go through with waking up, working out, doing necessary obligations and then performing at the end of each night. Now multiple that scenario by months and you can kind of see why Britney Spears decided to go all psycho self-barber all those years ago. It can be a hollow feeling sometimes even if the day is filled with enjoyable activities. I like having a chunk of time or an entire day where there is nothing really imminent; I relish those valleys of activity.

So today when I woke up I knew I had to get Ayden to latchkey before school, then head off to work and finish off the day by going to an event for a potential vendor associated with our wedding in November. The down slope of today’s timeline doesn’t really open up until maybe 9 pm or later. Pile those things on top of having minimal energy and being super tired all week and I can mentally foresee that today is going to be a challenge.

At present the day is half over, so wish me luck with the rest. Until the next time, I wish for you to win the lottery and when you do, you will feel a deep moral obligation to give me $100,000 because you know on a cellular level that my putting of that sentiment out into the universe was what caused you to win.  J



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