Chief Wahoo and The Cleveland Indians

Hello and welcome to my blog.

As many of my friends and readers know, I am a Cleveland Indians baseball fan. I have said on numerous occasions that I would get a tattoo of Chief Wahoo when the Indians win the World Series. The best chances of that happening may have been in 2016 and 2017. But this week, the evil overlord of Major League Baseball, Darth Manfred finally coerced the ownership of the Cleveland Indians to abandon the Chief Wahoo logo in favor of the scripted ‘I’ or a ‘C’ permanently starting in 2019. So this is our last hurrah as Jake Taylor would say.

I would like to throw out a personal challenge to anyone worldwide. I will shut up on the topic of Chief Wahoo forever if you can relay a situation where the cartoon depiction came to life and caused death or permanent injury to you, a family member or a close personal friend. On top of that I will also cease and desist if you can cite an incident where the cartoon Indian kept your credit score too low to qualify for a house or prohibited you from getting your dream job. Go ahead I will wait!

Chief Wahoo is part of the fabric of this country, much like confederate flags and statues and any number of other things that are just things. There are no messages of hate imbedded in or on them. For the holy populous that attends church, there are more interpreted messages of exclusion, bias and condemnation in the Holy Bible than anywhere but that is allowed to remain unscathed. My point is that a smiling cartoon depiction of an Indian is no more offensive than when an average person has their likeness drawn by a caricaturist. The face is generally distorted and usually smiling. Is this offensive enough to demand that no one ever is allowed to draw people again? Of course it’s not, so why the outrage over a fictitious Indian of lore?

I’m still waiting by the way.

Because in truth, this is silly and quite sad. In a world full of animal cruelty, human trafficking, hunger and incurable diseases – this is the BS that some people (in truth a tiny group) choose focus on? What’s next on the chopping block: The Washington Redskins? The Atlanta Braves? Any other franchise or school that vaguely references Indians or Native American history? By the way, here’s a noteworthy item for the offended people: The Cleveland Indians will still be called the Cleveland Indians. The name isn’t going away just the ‘Chief Wahoo’ character. And with the long history of the franchise, Chief Wahoo will still show up in the stadium on hats, t-shirts and other merchandise. Probably more endangering to our society (than that list of ills in the world today that I noted above) is ignorance. No one has been oppressed by the cartoon face of Chief Wahoo. Maybe somewhere in the future, there will be a fringe underground group of wackos with a replica of Chief Wahoo tattooed on their bodies that do harm to others. Unless that reality presents itself though, this issue is just marginally superficial at best.

Soap Box Out.



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