The Water vs The Soda

Today is Monday. Counting backwards: Today-1, Sunday-2, Saturday-3, Friday-4 and Thursday-5.

So today is day 5 of…no soda or energy drinks. For some of you reading this, you are like…so what? For me over the last several months and years I have been neglectful of drinking water. I will drink water if there is nothing else but for the most part I tend to have a soda or two during the day and on those hard to get going mornings, I pop the top on an energy drink. Right now at day five, this is honestly the longest I’ve gone without a carbonated beverage of some sort for literally years.

Why now you ask? Well to be forthcoming, it seems like a matter of personal health. For those not in the know, I am a robust 4.5 decades old, at least until late June of this year. And being of that age, despite many people stating I do not look my age, the metabolism just isn’t what it used to be. So as the cold weather months have slowly inched along, so has my waistline and general feeling of icky-ness. I’ve dug this hole for myself and only I can fill in the hole and get back on an even keel.

Hopefully by the next time you read something of mine I am feeling 100% rejuvenated and the craving for soft drinks has passed, because presently I want a Full Throttle Energy Drink – 16 ounces of enjoyable citrus flavor.

Oy vey! Happy Monday to everyone!


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