The Winter Olympics 2018

Good day, good day and good day.

So apparently the Winter Olympics have begun sometime over the last few days maybe (February 8th in reality)? The site for these games is a place called Pyeong Chang, South Korea. I had never heard of that place before in my life and actually had to Google it. The Olympics are being held in and around a $100,000,000 stadium that apparently will be demolished once the games are completed. I assume they will wait days or weeks before this is done and not promptly once the last contest is completed; although that would be interesting TV to watch in my opinion. Boom! Kapow! Run for your lives! The games are over! Save yourselves!

To be frank with you, I have only watched maybe an hour or so of the games thusfar. That viewed portion consisted of dudes skiing and then stopping periodically to shoot at stuff. Seemed like a very bizarre combination of skills to me. Also in that block of time, I saw some figure skating with the Xanax US skater dude (Adam Rippon) and then various ladies skaters. Their skating skills are considerable but I abhor watching the skaters. Why? Because the ‘judging’ is sooooooooooo subjective and obviously slanted to be WWE wrestling predetermined, so what is the point? You can have a heavily favored skater, with a very ‘difficult’ technical routine, totter their way through their routine and even fall but they somehow place above skaters with ‘less difficult’ routines who skate ‘clean’. It’s ridiculous. The skating should be judged like college football rankings. One team can cruise all season and be #1 until one slip up (loss) at the end. Then that one loss can drop them from the top spot because their loss demands punishment! Actually both judging systems are laughable and illogical. But I digress.

Anyway, to all of those who put in the work (and found the goldmines to afford the trip) to get to these games, kudos athletes. To those viewers worldwide who do enjoy the different sports, I commend you. For me, most of the sports are just not my basket of interest. Granted the games only come around once every 2-4 years depending upon the year/season for competition (summer vs winter Olympics) but still not that interested.

To all of my readers worldwide, we are here on the verge of Valentine’s Day and something called Gallentine’s Day (ugh – Parks & Rec TV stop it please). Good luck to all people, of each and every gender, who have to reckon with these socially driven holidays designed to artificially inflate the applicable economies. Have a great week and be wary of the crazies always on our periphery!


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