Why stop being a kid?

Quick note to all the kids wanting to ‘grow up’ faster: Don’t.

Save your energy for enjoying the moment, having zero responsibilities and whining about how bad you have it.

Let me take today for example:

Adulting: Light ice on my windshield nothing on the ground except wet in some places, not even slick. So I have to go to work.

Kid World: School is called off because they don’t want to warm up the buses.

This was literally the situation at my home this morning. Overnight it had rained quite a bit after the temperatures were in the 70’s yesterday here in Missouri. During the course of last night’s darkness, the temperatures dropped to near freezing. This morning I get ready for work. I go outside (ground was wet, not icy), warmed up the car for five minutes and the thin layer of ice on my car windows melted no problem. With the ice melted, my car was perfectly able to be driven. So I successfully drove on a few side roads (wet, not icy). From there I merged onto one highway via an on ramp and eventually onto another (mostly dry, wet in some places, not icy) and somehow made it into work in one piece! According to the semi-reliable readings on my car dashboard, the outside temperature this morning was around 31 degrees. Did I also mention it was in the 70’s (Fahrenheit) yesterday? Yes it did rain quite a bit last night and overnight but by this morning the rain had virtually stopped. Right now there are probably a zillion kids in the more northern states saying: “Are you kidding me?” Yep afraid so northern neighbors. Those northern kids have to go to school when there is half a foot of snow on the ground (which by the way seems to be Missouri’s annual snowfall total – 6 inches) but kids from here get a free pass because it may be hazardous to drive those frosty/icy cars on the roads. Possibly the ice and frost will melt and get those perfectly drivable roads wet! Oh the humanity!

With my one bit of sarcasm done for the day (LOL), I bid you a fine Hump Day!


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