Panera Bagels and the Devil’s Calories!

Hello and happy Fridayyyyyyyyyy!

As Barry Manilow sang once (or a million times): Looks like we made it! And for the record, yes I have that wide of a musical interest that I can appreciate Mr. Manilow along with the likes of Linkin Park, Trace Adkins, Disturbed, Huey Lewis, Blink 182, P!nk and a slew of other genres. For my religious blog followers (read habitual, not holy devotees), you may have seen a mention of my recent attempt to adhere to a 1700 calorie daily diet. The parameters of the ‘diet’ are: anything goes within that calorie range for my daily intake (glutens welcome!) but I just need to stay in that range from midnight to midnight each daily cycle.


Anyone above the age of seven knows that when the word ‘however’ is trotted out, all bets are off. For example, Adolf Hitler was an ordinary man in terms of height, physique and general hygiene practices. However, he was one of the worst real life villains of all-time within the context of the human race.

See, everything started of pretty benign but then we switched tracks at ‘however’. As I noted above I have been doing the 1700 calorie diet for a few weeks now with decent results. However, over the last 12 hours I have consumed roughly about 19,000 calories – give or take 5000.

Yesterday for breakfast and lunch I tallied my usual 750-800 calories with my pre-portioned selections. Then a late afternoon meeting piled on a few hundred calories between a gourmet cookie and some gourmet popcorn; the calories from my chewing gum were negligible after that. So all-in-all my accumulated calorie total was not horrible until we got to dinner last night. Kristi’s appetite was not feeling anything in the pantry so she opted to order Imo’s Pizza (along with cheese bread, raviolis and hot wings). Note: I did not partake in the hot wings! But I did eat about half of a 14 inch pizza and a couple of rav’s so that was probably in the neighborhood of 1500 calories by itself. A few minutes after I rolled into work, an e-mail is distributed to inform us that today is an employee appreciation day! To celebrate, the powers that be brought in one of my mega-weaknesses: bagels. They were the good kind too: from Panera Bread / St Louis Bread Company. On-line data harvesting gave me a conservative estimate for one plain bagel (with regular cream cheese) and one Asiago cheese bagel in the ballpark of 800 calories for just those two bagels (eesh!). Toss in a 220 calorie drink option (yeah, it’s a Full Throttle Energy Drink, but shhh keep that on the down low) and I’m already over 1000 calories without the clock making it to 9:00 am yet! As Uncle Jessie from Full House fame would say, “Have mercy!”

With 15 hours to go until midnight, my focus is clear and I need to show a little more willpower as there are a ton of leftover bagels still floating around in the break room. Wish me luck and send me send me strength to resist!

I hope everyone is having a relatively good day and is looking forward to their weekend plans. Check back often for more blog content or check out my website site ( to see what is going on with my other social media accounts!


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