Concuss Thy Self

Hello and greetings! Today is Tuesday and it’s a foggy, fuzzy day just like yesterday. And no I am not making a visual assessment of the weather conditions of Loch Ness; although it would be cool to check out Nessie’s home at least once before I am rendered into a pile of dust.

So then, what am I drawing this perspective from? Why myself of course! Let’s rewind to Sunday afternoon at the home. Picture this: I was bustling about trying to herd clutter into neater piles and put a few things into their expected designations. After putting a balloon behind Yoda’s head, a thought struck me. Actually it wasn’t a thought at all but instead it was the solid wood bed frame of Ayden’s bunk bed. After placing the little yellow balloon behind the head of his large stuffed Yoda, who was sitting under the bunk bed, I pivoted in a crouched stance and experienced a sharp pain in my knee. Mentally I thought I had cleared the over-hang of Ayden’s bed frame and I quickly went from a crouching position to nearly standing upright. As I am not really very tall, I nearly made it fully upright when the unyielding bed frame rudely refused to vacant the space the rear portion of my skull was about to inhabit.

I remember a dull but loud thud and an inarticulate grunt of a noise from my mouth before teetering to the carpeted floor. I blinked awake after a few seconds, a minute, more than a minute…the time-frame for sure, I cannot say. During my dizzying stay on the low horizontal plane, both of my cats decided to come and investigate. They each meowed their thoughts at my prone form and offered their coded suggestions on what I should do next. After a while and a few failed attempts to sit up, I was finally successful in uplifting my torso from the floor. No longer horizontal, I proceeded to take my dizzy and newly lumped head into the bathroom to get a shower. A snapshot from the shower (waist up, let’s keep it PG!) would have featured me leaning against the shower surround wall as I tried to bring the words on the shampoo bottle into focus.

Now here we are a few days later and the back of my head is still a little tender and the headaches are exquisite. As this was not my first concussion experience (and yes I’m sure I concussed myself based on previous data, experiences and medical consultations), I am trying to limit the important things I need to do on the off chance that I am not fully making logical sense. Driving, which concussed people are not supposed to do, is challenging but for the most part I stay in my lane and do not do extraneous things to complicate the navigation to intended places.

So with the help of auto-correct I hope you found this piece just as entertaining and witty as I was before. Until I can level up and have all my HP (Hit Points or Health Points) restored I wish you a pleasant ides of your week.


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