Loch Ness Monster 2018

In doing my last piece/post, I got to wondering about how deep the deepest portion of Loch Ness is and according to the inter-web, that depth would be 755 feet.


It is widely purported that Nessie, the monster of the loch, is most likely some type of modern period mosasaurus dino-fish. In that vein of thought, what if Nessie could actually go on land as well as be submerged for large chunks of hours? What if Nessie was some sort of ninja from the animal kingdom? With these enhanced attributes, Nessie would be able to stealthily escape the loch after it gets dark and go hang out in the forests or nearby rivers. Depending on Nessie’s cardio and endurance (she/it has been swimming for 80 to a million years), she/it might even be mobile enough to hustle to larger bodies of water. You have to figure, even though the loch is like 22 miles long or something close to that, Nessie would have to get bored in that same fish bowl for decades upon decade. She/it would want to see new places and eat different fishes and such. If the iPhone can evolve over time, why should we not expect our Loch Ness friend to do the same? Hmmm? Give Nessie a selfie stick and an Instagram account and let’s see what she/it has to show us!



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