Hello and Happy Friday!

First off thank you to the many dedicated readers of mine, either by choice or accident, who have continued to check in on my blog this month. Thank you, thank you! With the extra time prepping for work trips and other time obligations, the time to post on my blog has been scarce. With that said I have a topic for today!

As many of your know, I work in an office building like so many million Americans do during the non-weekend days. One of my co-workers is a bit of a germ-o-phobe, meaning he is afraid of coming into contact or perceived contact with surfaces or objects that could contain germies. After arriving at work today, I was engaged in a conversation with this person at the sink in the men’s room. We both washed our hands and proceeded to exit the room. My co-worker waived at the auto-paper tower dispenser after his hands were dried from washing and used that paper towel to grab the door handle to exit the bathroom. With the door open enough to escape the nasty smelling room, he held the door open propped with his foot. His reasoning for doing this was that he didn’t want to touch anything that someone who didn’t wash his hands could have come into contact with – which sadly is a very valid concern where I work. Once out of public ‘rest’ area, we walked up the hall to the entry door where an electronic access badge is needed to enter. After waving his badge at the sensor the door unlocked for our entry. He used two fingers to grab an area of the handle that was less likely to be touched by most people and we entered the next holding area before being able to access the work floor.

During this stroll the subject of his germ-o-phobia behavior became our topic of conversation. Now I’m aware of the straightforward normal circumstances that most general germ-o-phobes avoid: door handles, shaking hands, touching the floors in public places and so on and so forth. However, the example he used as the genesis of his obsession was an obvious one that I hadn’t considered and frankly was disturbing and gross.

He told me about the person who turned him into a germ-o-phobe by recalling an incident at a restaurant. This other person viewed another patron leave the bathroom stall and bypass the sink/washing station. He watched him return to the table he was sitting at for dining. He next viewed the non-handwasher sit down and pick up the menu on his table. So this nasty dude, who did who knows what in the poopy stall, grabbed the menu and ordered his food and then returned the menu to the holder on the table for the next unsuspecting person to grab and touch whatever yuckyness may have been transferred to that menu. Man, woman, child – any would be completely oblivious to Mr. Nasty Habits bio-booby trap! So this story prompted me to make the bitter beer face and contemplate becoming a germ-o-phobe convert with that anti-bacterial stuff that all moms seem to carry around in a custom holster for my day to day venturing out into the world.

I guess this is just my gentile way of telling people to be more considerate and considerably less disgusting! Oy!

Have a great weekend friends!

Peace and Happy God of War Day!!!


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