Spaghettios and other un-followable tangents

Good morning and thank you to all who have Googled various topics I have written about or who regularly check the main page for new topics! Another month with 300+ hits is very gratifying!

This morning as I was driving into work and I had to sharply apply the brakes to avoid a numskull who slipped in front of me in traffic with nary a turn signal used. When this occurred, the can of Spaghettios (with Meatballs) started to escape the plastic bag serving as my lunch bag on the seat right next to me. The can tried to roll over the lip of the passenger seat in the car but my reflexes were just quick enough to snag the can and re-position it so as to avoid a repeat occurrence. In my mind, I was ready for this scenario to happen again with all the careless and oblivious drivers and their associated driving patterns. On the label of the can I spied a humanized Spaghettio with arms and a face. After I arrived at work I Googled the Spaghettio dude to see if there was significance to this cartoony and jovial face. Turns out my instincts were four year old ice scraper sharp and I was right! This loop-faced carb ring persona is known as TheO! For those out there who didn’t know, along with the greater numbers who do not care, now you know as well! Case solved Scooby, let’s continued to move across the country randomly looking for Murder She Wrote plots that can be debunked as nothing more than greed of the human spirit.

With the Spaghettio Man mystery put to bed, my attention turned to thoughts of another long day: going to work, rushing to get my dry cleaning after work, remembering I forgot to grab my reimbursement check (from work) to deposit in the bank, pre-dreading a hectic drive home to prep Ayden for his first baseball game for his team tonight and afterwards scooting across the Missouri-Illinois state line to play a little softball in beautiful downtown Waterloo. This softball venue is just minutes from the reception hall where I will be standing up and saying ‘I Do’ at in November. And scary enough, today isn’t even as hectic as yesterday was. These two days got me to thinking about single parents and their daily plights. For all those single parents floating around this green and blue globe we call Earth, I salute you and your efforts to manage family life. I do not know how you do it on the economic front, within reasonable time management and last but not least from a personal energy and stamina standpoint. Kudos to all those single beings, who are fighting the good fight, to give your sprout(s)  a decent chance to make it into the future.

Everyone have a splendid and joyous weekend and may good fortune smile on us – financially or spiritually or both if possible!


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