Random Things at Random Times

Good afternoon and welcome!

For the regular readers: Hi, how ya doin?

For the unsuspecting others who landed here via the hands of fate (or a search engine), you may be in for a treat! Or possibly just in for a head-scratcher of a time.

OK sorry, I got distracted as is pretty normal for me. If you asked me honestly what I think I know, I would say that I know for sure that there is a lot I do not know. This is why the Gods forged Google to enrich me in the ways that I am ignorant of… That being said there is much I think I know and/or have an opinion about – stopping just short of saying I know stuff.

In the course of daily nonsense I am on different types of social media just  a tad. Obviously this blog counts as a piece of social media along with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, my two Podbean podcasts, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora and whatever other sites I am forgetting. I tend to sprinkle a little bit of content across each one of these outlets from time to time as thoughts occur to me. Below are some questions that popped into my head between snatches of sleep from 2 a.m. on this morning:

Before John Ritter died, how long had he gone on from getting his previous haircut?

I wondered how many people each year are stabbed to death with screwdrivers? And of those incidents, are there more flat head screwdrivers used or Phillips-heads?  Fun Fact: The Phillips-head screw and screwdriver are named after Henry Phillips from Portland, Oregon but the man credited with inventing the Phillips screw and screwdriver was John P. Thompson with patents filed in 1932 and 1933 respectively.

If the world was devoid of wind and rain, would the long grasses stay perfectly upright if undisturbed (Assuming that water/moisture would somehow be drawn to the upper layers of the soil through gravity abnormalities or magic)?

Major League Baseball executives seem to be finding a way to leverage finances in the favor of the club and thus away from the product (aka players). Maybe there should be (financial) incentives associated with five top statistical categories on the hitting and pitching side like: Home Runs, RBI’s, Runs Scored, Batting Average, Stolen Bases (honorable mention: Walks, On-Base Percentage) and Wins, Saves, Holds, Strikeouts (starter) / Strikeouts (relievers), Appearances (honorable mention: Innings Pitched, Strikeout-Walk Ratio).

What would the world be like if there was no more softball anywhere tomorrow?

I wondered how many different types of cereal did Chester Bennington eat in his lifetime?

So in conclusion, we can deduce that I think of weird things when I should be sleeping but not. Oh well. Hope your Thursday is going well and let’s try to do this again soon.



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