Hello! Today is May 22nd 2018 A.D.

As of the writing of this blog post I have seen up through season 7 episode 1 of The Game of Thrones HBO series. There are six more episodes on the DVDs at home if I recall correctly. For the avid fans, you are probably like “what the heck is taking you so long to finish those?” While I do enjoy the series, I will admit I find the seasons to be a grueling grind at times. So often the show’s writers revel in killing off characters, after it took so much effort for me to finally appreciate them for their badness or goodness. It is reasonable to understand that the loss of a notable character creates drama and impact, but sometimes the deaths and innumerable weddings tend to blend together in an inevitable conveyor belt process that chafes just as pressing exposed skin against a cycling belt sander ribbon.

Now for the real reason I am choosing to write about the show! How in that archaic time period were so many people able to keep up with the current happenings of civilizations so far apart? Mountains, seas and hostile territories in between couldn’t keep anyone from being in the know about every little political happening all over the globe. How? And don’t tell me those damned ravens. That’s another bone of contention with me. How do all these ravens, who seem to get slaughtered and replaced every other episode in bulk, know where to fly  to each time they are released? Is there some sort of GPS tracking chip in their tiny little skulls? How else would these simple little birds know where to fly to with unerring accuracy? Do they speak all the languages of the Seven Kingdoms? I noticed during my viewing of the episodes, that in many of them it’s winter. Shouldn’t the birds be heading south whenever released regardless of their flying orders based on thousands of years of animal instincts? Hmmm?

And moving on…later this summer or into fall, the final season and the last 6-8 episodes will drop weekly for the HBO viewers. Once those are gone what will the GOT fanatics do with themselves? I’m sure a large portion of the fans will marathon watch the series once again to see if there were any nuances they missed. But then what? Will they plunge themselves into creating the next GOT-like universe of fan-fiction? Time will tell.

Aside from whatever app the ruling families are consulting off-screen to get weather reports and their regional news and the lightning quick infallible castle-locating ravens, I do enjoy the series. I truly enjoy some of the brutal ends put to those especially vicious villains as small tokens of karma. I ask you: Would the show have been as popular as it is today if all the good guys narrowly escaped each time and the evil plotters were laid to waste each time? Assuredly most definitively not is the answer there. There is something to be said for the sadistic nature of the show and the viewers who come back for more even after their onscreen champions are regularly ambushed, betrayed and have paid the ultimate iron price.

I hope your week is going well and you enjoy my blog, Facebook, Twitter and podcasts. Have a great day and we will talk to you soon!

Peace…then war…then peace again.

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