A Holiday Weekend in May

Good afternoon and welcome to the last Tuesday in May 2018 of your lifetime! I tried to come up with something clever and catchy for the title but as of the writing of this part…I hadn’t tapped into anything yet. Maybe it will just come to me. Time will tell.

With mere hours left in May 2018 (technically life can be boiled down into hours for all of us, some just have thousands more that others,) I am reflecting back upon my weekend. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your glass half full or half empty life philosophy, nothing life altering happened this weekend. No cosmic tumbler locking into place to secure a massive lottery windfall or any asteroids the size of Jupiter colliding with the Earth happened so here we are again. Picture me, if you will, in my purple collared work shirt going about my day. Tuesday, in place of Monday, to kick off the work week after a bonus day off thanks to the Memorial Day observance. Rewinding back, I will start after work on Friday. I was treated by my Freund Tony to a concert at the Peabody Opera House in downtown St Louis to experience a concert by the band Ghost! I will give you the 30 Second Bunnies synopsis: All the masked band members are Ghoul! They looked like Darth Maul (from the Star Wars movies saga) and Jason Voorhees (from the movie Jason X) had love children. Most of the songs had religious or anti-religious subtext (I think). The costume changes were interesting and the venue was pretty schnazzy. First half, intermission, Big Chad in the lobby, second half and encore. Boom done! 30 seconds as promised.

After the concert, I drove home and slept. The next morning, I awakened relatively early on Saturday to go play softball at Wolffs Softball Haven for the men’s tournament version of the Fallen Heroes fundraiser. 30 Second Bunnies again: Early in the morning, the temperature and humidity levels sucked. Really super-hot all day long. Played ball. Won a game, lost two and finito! I hit decently and got smacked in the throat in one game by Tyler on a tag play at third base. Had fun despite not winning it all. That shenanigans ended around 3pm in the afternoon. Came home, got a shower and got ready for the Poison concert with Tom Keifer …and Cheap Trick. Went to the show, my dude Tom Keifer started rough but killed it after that. Cheap Trick was next and was meh (in my opinion). Poison was the headliner and rounded out the night very well with a ton of energy. Very enjoyable show! Kristi and I showed our appreciation by purchasing merchandise: I got a Tom Keifer t-shirt and Kristi purchased two Poison t-shirts and a hat! Cha-ching!


OK so let me back up a second. Simultaneously Tom Keifer was my favorite part of the show and the most painful portion of the show for me. As I mentioned above, during the first song Tom started to sing and his voice sounded rough – even for him but he got stronger and better as the show went on. As Tom was singing his tunes from his days with the hair metal band known as Cinderella, I noticed many people in the crowd who had purchased his concert shirt in support of his vocal talents. The front had a squared picture of him and I think the words said: Attitude …Is everything. I will double check that later when I do the laundry. And on the back, baseball jersey-style was the number 87.

Why is this significant? Well because I was about to lose my sh!t in a sea of a few thousand people. Some may or may not know that I lost my brother in 1987. Back in 1987 I was sitting in a funeral home at my brother’s funeral. I was biting the inside of my lip hard enough to draw blood and playing Cinderella songs (from the album Night Songs) in my head in an effort not to break down and cry. It almost worked. Almost. So flash forward to Saturday in the warm muggy outside air as Tom and his band played those nostalgic melodies. In my mind, I fell crashing through a door I let swing shut about 30 years ago. In the present, I was doing my best to not break down and cry just three seats from the aisle as tears welled up behind my cheap sunglasses. My solution? Turn the song set and environment into a drinking game. In my cup holder was a 25 ounce Mike’s Hard Lemonade and every time I saw one of those black t-shirts with the white 87 on the back while Tom was singing…I had to drink. Soon my can was empty and I was praying for the songs I enjoyed so much to be over. The concert was one of the most odd, painful and memorable I’ve been to in my lifetime. It certainly wasn’t the flashiest or most over-the-top of shows I’ve been to but just for that virtual rip in the space time continuum, it solidified it as vividly memorable for me. Thanks for the memories Tom.

After some late night grub, we passed out at home only to have to get up and go back to Wolffs for the coed version of the Fallen Heroes tournament starting at 8-friggin-A.M.! It was hot and nasty for that one as well. Again, my team won a game, lost two and it was over! The heat on this day was just as oppressive and icky. We capped the evening off with some pool time at a friend’s house while enjoying some adult beverages! The night ended at a Denny’s restaurant because it was one of the few restaurants open with the late hour and holiday status. We were treated to an interesting backstory by the lone waitress working the graveyard shift about being all by herself with a new cook as more and more tables filled up. Kudos to her for getting the job done!

On the holiday proper we as a family didn’t do much as again the late summer heat was hanging out in the late spring! We had intended to BBQ some food but those plans were torn asunder when the electricity went out. So we opted to go to a local restaurant (Ginny’s) and follow that up with a movie (Avengers: Infinity War) to allow AmerenUE’s people sufficient time to rectify the power outage. Food was good and movie was decently entertaining even though I had to guess at about 1/3 of who the characters were.

Hope your month is concluding on a positive note. May your memories be pleasant  and comforting of this day and my post. Check out all my social media on my website:  www.scottlatta5000.weebly.com and chime in with your thoughts and opinions! I said opinions, not onions. I hate onions but I’m semi-open-minded on opinions but not at all on onions.

Have a great day…peace!


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