If I had five million dollars…

Good morning and welcome to June 5th 2018. What’s news and interesting? Do you know Bill Gates? Asking for a friend.

Today is the day after Monday and normal routines are in full force. Driving into work this morning I was tired, grouchy and annoyed. This is not entirely out of the norm as every day that I am not financially independent tends to be a bummer. If I had those pie-in-the-sky resources, I am more than ready to unleash some big dreams and plans. I already have a rough outline of what I would do should the perfect storm arrive, so I turn the question outward and issue an open challenge: What would you do if you had $5,000,000?

If you hear me laughing it’s because I am hearing a certain quote from the movie Office Space in my head. But seriously, if given five million American dollars what would you do with it? I chose that amount because in reality the government will take a large slice of that pie but probably you would still be left with around $3,000,000. So three mil free and clear…and go! Would you change were you live, what you wear, your mode of transportation, the businesses you support, your charitable tendencies and maybe your life in its entirety?

In doing some quick math (vehicle, home, paying existing bills, etc.) you could make a serious dent right out of the gate depending on how expensive your tastes skew and how spendy your personality is to begin with. But once you satisfy some of your basic wants, what would be your next urge? Spend more (invest?) or become miserly with the rest for fear of losing it and returning to working class treadmill? Just like no two fingerprints are the same, I believe this scenario does not play out the same for any two people as well. It’s fun, for me, to fantasize about getting that kind of scratch. Over the years this conversation has come up many times and ‘they’ always say you need a good attorney and accountant or CPA or money manager or whatever. I guess that’s true but I’ve seen a lot of TV programs where the financial advisor siphons away the funds or erroneously lauds a sure-fire investment opportunity that doesn’t pan out so pick your poison there if you so chose.

My dream of sitting on that mythical pile of money includes me taking half or two-thirds of the net windfall and putting it away to accrue some sort of interest. The rest is my budgeted five year ‘allowance’ to spend and allot for weekly-monthly expenses and new expenditures (within reason). Obviously all of this is conjecture and could easily be messed up by donating frivolously or being super impulsive to get that once-in-a-lifetime item or opportunity. But for the most part in that dream world and in this reality one, I try to abide by the KISS rule (Keep It Simple Stupid). Until that unicorn opportunity presents itself, I feel more or less like a real life Monopoly player towards the end of the game. My opponents (life mostly) has all these expensive properties, houses and hotel while I have none. I may skate by those financial pitfalls for a while but odds are, sooner or later, they get you. Hopefully the odds don’t get me today for bad stuff because I still have many expensive things to pay for somehow (wedding, hospital bills, everyday life, etc.).

Everyone have a great week and thanks for reading. I appreciate it truly and hopefully you found it worth your time enough to check back or tell a friend about me. Good luck out there.


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