LeBron James the Starfish

Good day! Welcome to my pro-Michael Jordan Blog. For the record I am also pro-Dr. J, aka Julius Erving. With the initial statement that I am pro-Jordan many of you basketball fans may be thinking I am already intimating that LeBron James is an inferior or a terrible player. On the contrary, I think LeBron James is indeed the King of his era.






Stop the presses, yes I just typed those words. For us old-schoolers who are constantly being ostracized for being nostalgia about the pre-LeBron time-frame in the NBA, we and really I mean me, can admit indisputable facts. LeBron James, in today’s rugby-style, dribble once and then take thirty strides towards the basket, is awesome. He scores like crazy and pretty much single-handedly lifts his teams to the NBA finals every year. Jordan only was able to do that six times in his career. Bird and Magic and Shaq and Kareem and Duncan and  Kobe and (Robert) Horry and Dr. J were not in the finals eight times in a row. So argue what you will, the dude (LeBron) can flat out play by today’s rules. But let’s give proper due to those aforementioned ‘other guys’ that could play also. Missing from the list above are several dozen other players around the greatness orbit. Those players ruled their eras as well but then again the rules were different. But in today’s touch-screen HD society, those other players are inferior because there aren’t ninety million YouTube videos of them dunking and publicly changing teams every 3-5 years.

But to reel it in, I want you to know that the real crux of this piece is pertaining to the current topic of LeBron and the laughable notion that if he hadn’t ‘broken his hand’ (self-inflicted) that maybe he could’ve once again driven his inferior team past the Golden State Warriors. Actually the only way that could’ve happened was if LeBron had starfish in his DNA. If LeBron was a starfish cross-breed, then when he broke his hand during that post game frustration punch, his hand would’ve broken off. Lying on the floor, his hand would proceed to regenerate and form a second LeBron James. This way and only this, the two LeBrons could’ve had a fighting chance to overtake the unstoppable Golden State Warriors. Any other scenario would just be a far-fetched sci-fi tale.

And as Forest Gump would say, “And that’s all I have to say about that.”

Boom. Happy Tuesday!


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