Oh Captain, My Captain…GOAL!

Happy Friday and joyous Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Day to you! As most of the free world is engrossed with the FIFA World Cup (First In, First Asleep?), I was searching Netflix and Hulu streaming services for Jurassic Park or similar movies to have on as background noise at work. With the exception of the Lego version of Jurassic World, I struck out. For those regular readers of my blog, you already know my feelings on the Lego movies and their toys. Regular building block Legos are fine but all the Lego ships and beasts that just lose pieces or get de-constructed makes them be pointless in my opinion! And as far as the Lego movies go, just make them ‘real’ animation or don’t. There is no need to block the characters up in a Lego-like semblance – it’s not needed!

After failing in my quest for dino background entertainment, I defaulted to the search option of Netflix to try something different. One of the available categories was Classics. I selected that option and one of the choices was Dead Poets Society. I know what you are thinking: dinos…old time boys school depiction. These things are nearly overlapping in their similarities, I should’ve thought of Dead Poets Society first!

By the way, my levels of sarcasm may or may not be off the charts this week.

As a big Robin Williams fan, comedic and dramatic works alike, I chose this title and began watching it. As the opening credits and scenes unwound, it dislodged a memory from the summer of 1989. It was either just before or just after my birthday, I cannot precisely remember which, but I was sitting in a virtually empty movie theater in Eureka, Missouri. From the snack bar I had purchased some red licorice and a cherry Coke to consume during the movie. The ticket I had purchased that afternoon was indeed for Dead Poets Society. Upon entering the musty smelling theater, I staked my claim to a seat in the back all the away at the top and directly in the middle. For those wondering, as a driving teenager I on occasion would partake in a movie by myself, especially during summer vacation. Later that summer, I would also see in that very same theater A Nightmare on Elm Street 5! Love me some classic Krueger!

So how does Jurassic World, soccer and Dead Poets Society tie into the post for today? Well the reason I picked this Robin Williams masterpiece was because of the silly element of soccer. From the movie during a teaching exercise, John Keating (Robin Williams’ character) has the boys read various random phrases to give them a different perspective on literature (while kicking a soccer ball). Although most of the boys are unsure how they feel about doing this bit of outdoor theater, the exercise itself is meant to let the boys know that poetry, prose and stories are not just alive in the classroom but everywhere and every time – even in sports.

As we make our way through the day, I want you to take my blog out of the usual context. Take these word/picture stories that you may read in your home or sitting in a doctor’s office and project the inner episode it creates for you wherever you may roam (thank you Metallica). Things in today’s world are drastically different than they were while I was sitting in that theater in the summer of June 1989 (29 years ago). At that time, things were drastically different in society than they were portrayed on the silver screen of an even simpler (fictitious) time. With all of the incredible wonders we are immersed in daily, that most of us take for granted,  it is OK to reflect on the simple things and be grateful to have those in our lives. Later on it’s OK to veg out in front of your 4K TV’s that will be showing fantastic scenes from around the world in breath-taking HDDDDDD or whatever the latest and greatest pseudo-picture quality is.

Have a great weekend and drop me a link on here, via e-mail (scottlatta@gmail.com), Twitter, Facebook or whatever way you find to communicate with me about your week, weekend or some enjoyable relatable experience in your life.


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