What if…

So let me throw out a hypothetical question: What if you were told you could not do the one thing you truly love to do anymore? It could be anything like…

Eating ice cream

Playing checkers

Driving blindfolded

Pretending to have turret’s syndrome

Playing softball


Watching the sunset

Doing the adult slip and slide

Hugging trees

The universal applications of every individual’s personal preferences are endless and diverse. But what if one day, for whatever reason, you were told that doing your favorite thing could potentially end your life and you must cease doing it immediately. Would you be able to stop, knowing in your heart that things would forever be a little worse for you? The dangling carrot of incentive obviously would be the benefit of potentially living a longer life (without that thing that really brings joy to your existence).  I’m sure along the way many people have had to make difficult, life altering choices. I imagine every day there are scores of doctors telling their patients that they need to quit smoking or eliminate red meat or cut out other things of the like to prolong their lives in the name of healthier choices.

It’s just a mental McNugget to nibble on and ask yourself the “What If” question. Hope your Friday is going well. May your weekend be in a comfortable environment, relatively speaking.



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