Happy Friday the 13th (2018)

Today is Friday the 13th. We have a weekend of leisure planned involving quasi-camping in a remote woodsy area. Probably do some drinking, engage in some adult shenanigans and play by the water. Seems like a great time, I’m sure nothing will go awry.

If you are reading this, then it probably means I have written a blog post and posted it.

This weekend marks the second annual BullMoose Float Trip! As a double whammy, it is also Kristi’s birthday! Her last one in her twenties! If she reads this I will probably get kicked in the shins for mentioning that part.  🙂

But as the stars would divine or at least the people who laid out the days of the week and calendar flow, today is Friday the 13th (of July)! As those horror movie fanatics are aware, this is a day to celebrate the terror spreading maniac Jason Voorhees’ legend! The tactical elimination of human targets is very impressive and often quite stealthy in his long movie career. His signature weapon of choice is of course the machete but he is not opposed to using any and all available instruments to strike down his prey. Most of his stories, that do not take place in New York or outer space, revolve around stranger’s camp life…Camp Blood life (death). Everyone else can call his old stomping grounds Camp Forest Green but to Jason and his hologram momma, it will always be Camp Crystal Lake where his motives for killing everyone are as murky as those still lake waters.

I think technically Camp Crystal Lake was supposed to be located in the state of Illinois and I think Freddy’s Elm Street was allegedly set in Ohio (Springwood) but do not quote me on those. So for this weekend’s purposes, we should be in the clear, I hope.

If I should survive this weekend, I vow to come back blogging strong as ever or at least with the same sporadic frequency and with the same equally random topics. Everyone be safe out there with the sun screen and driving with greasy or buttery hands. Just take all the necessary precautions is all I ask.

Have a great weekend!



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