Dead Space Four


Good morning or afternoon or twilight or darkness hours or whatever suits your present time situation. We collectively have edged into the second half of the month of July. This year has seemed to fly by quite quickly. Sometimes that is a good thing. There are people in the world healing from sickness and injuries and of course time is needed for that process to move along. For those with accrual time off systems through their workplace, that is also good so they can get more time off or eek out the time left until their time off ‘bank’ is replenished. (Raises hand) This last one is near and dear to my heart I must sadly report.

Today is Tuesday. While we are beyond the halfway point of the month, in terms of this week, we are still in the first half. On a grand scale, there is not a ton going on besides softball for myself. Yesterday, during a mid-day lull, I did something I periodically like to do. Besides breathing, eating, checking social media and sleeping (the usual daily suspects), I did an on-line search for updated stories pertaining to one of my favorite Playstation 3 (PS3) franchises: Dead Space. Admittedly my favorite game of the existing trilogy is the first entry, plain old Dead Space. The second game was also fun and to a slightly lesser extent the third game was as well. But like all good things, the originators tinkered too much with a good thing and diluted what made the original fun and successful. The formula wasn’t broken but the powers that be tried to fix it nonetheless and the franchise paid the iron price. Visceral Games, the developer for Dead Space, lost money on the third installment and alas the franchise was no more.

The reason I give you this bit of backstory is because within the last several days, multiple stories and interviews have surfaced from people who were involved with the franchise. These individuals hinted at the possibilities they had in mind for the next entry in the franchise. Sadly, the ideas teased at in these articles will probably never come to be.  But I will never say never because you just never know. What gives me optimism that maybe Isaac Clarke and Co may still salvage humanity’s future? Two words: Gunfire Games.

Some of you are like, OK you lost me.

Gunfire Games sailed into the harbor vacated years ago by Vigil Games, the developer for the Darksiders franchise – another PS3/PS4 franchise near and dear to me. Vigil Games sunk to the virtual ocean floor and took everyone’s hopes and dreams of the next entry in the Darksiders franchise down with them Titanic-style. Then along came this feisty little tugboat (Gunfire Games) and the Darksiders franchise has begun its ascension towards the game playing universe once again. Years in murky limbo and many web searches later, Darksiders will once again have new playable content this November (2018). In the game playing universe, much like Hollywood, investors do not want to gamble on too many new ventures. Developers and scriptwriters like established franchises, with built-in fanbases, to minimize the potential risk of investing time and people into new projects.

With this precedent recently set, I feel somewhat optimistic that the dead Dead Space franchise may be re-animated down the road, much like the necromorphs within the series. As long as the franchise keeps its limbs intact, it may just be able to hang out in the shadows until an unsuspecting explorer /developer ventures by. Then all that is needed is that timely jolt of lightning, like in Friday the 13th: Jason Lives. Then once again Dead Space can live and infest the gamers world anew; the gameplay will be strong and blaze an undead tale trail to capture the imaginations of people willing to spend for it to live on.

I hope everyone is having a great week and months so far. Do not forget to check out my other topics from my blog along with my podcasts, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Stay safe out there.



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