Game of Thrones – Season 8 (my guesses) at Spoilers


OK so here it is, my official spoilers for Season 8! And when I say official spoilers…I know nothing of what is to come. Except Winter of course, Winter is definitively coming!

As a fan who started watching the series shortly after it debuted, I actually lost interest about mid-way through season two. I tried to watch the series as I watched other series, which is to say casually. Without closely paying attention, I was completely lost and confused. But after staying away from the show for a couple of years, I decided to reboot my interest based on some co-workers and their buzzing about the newest episodes (at that time). This time around I was determined to try to follow along a bit closer. To give myself the best chance of appreciating the show, I began at the beginning. I re-watched the first season and that built into season two and so on and so forth. With a greater understanding of what was going on, I became a fan of the show. Admittedly I was not as gaga-over-the-moon for the show like some hardcore fans. But as the on-screen time for Daenerys Targaryen increased and the surviving potential heroes moved along their paths, I became hooked.

Now before I go any further, if you have not seen the all the completed and aired episodes to date, you may want to stop reading and finish watching them now.

For all others who dare to trudge along with me into the dark, dangerous winter’s night…let’s begin.

Obviously there are six more HBO episodes to conclude the stories for the remaining players in this Game of Thrones. Based on the first seven seasons of the show, there will certainly be heart-break and gut-wrenching good-byes (probably literally). Our upper tier players and mid-range players, will undoubtedly play vital roles. What will be fun to see is minor characters or newly introduced characters and their ripple effects. The shrewd leaders will predictably move to strike down their rivals and the over-looked non-physical threats will make dramatic impacts.

Theon Greyjoy – one of the characters most viciously humbled by the story-lines, will not survive the Winter. Ultimately Theon will try to be noble and either die saving his sister or Lady Sansa. But make no mistake about it, Reek/Theon will die a gruesome death – probably sooner rather than later in the final season. What becomes of his people…that is for history to say or his sister.

The Hound – left for dead a couple of times and once by a little girl no less, The Hound is a survivor. I would imagine somewhere down the road he will be pitted against his (undead?) brother The Mountain. For all intents and purposes, The Mountain was off the ‘active’ roster for a bit while the mad scientist of the castle worked on re-animating him after his near death in battle to Oberyn. With all the big time players pushing all-in for this high stakes game, I figure The Hound and The Mountain have a match to the death and this time, ‘little brother’ gets the Win. Another but less likely swerve could see the brothers join forces to fight the greater evil (the White Walkers). In this scenario, The Mountain would certainly perish or could become a member of the Ice King’s Army of the Dead. Regardless of his path, The Mountain will fall and The Hound might somehow survive to serve whomever is left to rule over the rubble.

Brienne of Tarth – the valiant fighter for non-evil, Brienne is almost certain to die. Whether she helps Jamie Lannister and the Faceless Arya Stark topple the conniving Cercei or she falls in some other honorable pursuit, she most certainly will be gone before the last two episodes are left. But before she goes, I foresee her and Jamie sharing a moment. Then fade to black.

Varys – perhaps the most sly of all the players, he may be the deadliest. Seen as a non-threat, Varys shrugs his way to the final battle and probably beyond. Collector of information, he is a human weather-vane of political and armed battle storms. I foresee him staying just out of harm’s way until the Winter breaks for Spring thaw. Who will be left for him to advise and guide? Good question.

Jorah Mormont – as someone who survived what can only be equated to some primordial version of leprosy, Jorah will no doubt position himself to try to protect his Khaleesi but he will ultimately fail. As a personal bodyguard, his resume is a weakly mixed bag. He means well but you just know he alone isn’t going to get the job done. I think Jorah survived his affliction in order to help Jon Snow battle the Night King. Perhaps he will be a human shield enabling Jon (who was also spared from death’s grasp) to finish his life’s purpose of slaying the Night King; the domino effect causes the ultimate unraveling of the Undead Army (kind of like crashing the WiFi and disabling the network).

Bronn – now is Jamie’s faithfully servant but he was Tyrion’s former right hand man. This guy no doubt will fall in some sort of skirmish. When he does perish, I would anticipate some smarmy bit of dialogue to end his tenure. Hard to imagine him having an integral part to play with all the twisted plotting going on as he has been more or less a hired sword from the get-go. Still he will be missed as the threads tie up at the end.

Samwell Tarly – the hapless swordsman turned sage researcher could be seen in the same light as Varys. Harmless to those expecting a physical assault but with knowledge comes power that may be unleashed in a ‘wow’ way. I predict that something Samwell has learned, besides that Dragon Glass kills White Walkers, will come into play before the last dragon crashes to earth for good. I do not expect him to have a particularly noble death but his extinction event will undoubtedly be a tear-jerker. His contribution to ending the Greatest of All Wars will bring great praise on his house name of Tarly albeit posthumously. In the aftermath of all the carnage, his ‘son’ may ascend to rule a territory.

Davos Seaworth – alone in the family sense of things, Davos and The Witch Melisandre will somehow get along just long enough to put Jon Snow in position to end the reign of terror of the Night King. Davos is kind of like Bronn but also quite unlike Bronn. Davos is a good soldier for his side’s cause and he will smuggle his way to a painful but productive death.

Tormund – the official/un-official leader of the Wildlings faction, he is as good a melee fighter as the show has seen. Expect the body count on his watch to be high and for him to still be standing (somehow) when all the smoke and snow clears. He will probably be the only one left alive to mourn the Lady Brienne. A simple man, he will not be of great use in rebuilding society. But as a guy who has seen the value in being flexible and diplomatic, he should make an odd but interesting of pairing with Varys going into the new world.

Grey Worm – sorry dude, but you get the ax pretty early on. Probably literally in this case. Fighting with pride and skill, he will be outnumbered and turned into shredded beef. At least he will not have to worry about becoming undead though.

So it winds down to the figurative heavy hitters of the show.

Daenerys Targaryen – the lynch-pin of the show, she will probably fall within the first three episodes. If that happens, what becomes of her dragons? Alas I predict one of her two remaining live dragons (not the main, largest one) will also come to an end. The questions becomes how does her second dragon die (the one after the one already killed and claimed by the Night King)? Easiest guess would be in battle with its undead brother…only to be resurrected by the Night King to further make the odds long for the good guys. My best guess is Daenerys will perish under the blue fires of her child. The last (largest) dragon will probably serve Jon Snow or Tyrion and then probably lose in battle to an undead brother double team. But this dragon will stay down so only the two underling dragons to be puppet-ed by the Night King.

Jon Snow – our reborn hero will, against all odds, get into a sword fight with the Night King. Most likely this will happen while all the world’s forces are embroiled in combat with the undead people and undead dragons. Just when it seems like all is lost and the Night King plus his generals are about to over-run the land, Jon’s blade will decapitate the Night King. Simultaneously throughout the undead ranks all blue eye’d ‘life’ forces wink out. Countless thousands of undead troops will fall silently to the ground (see the droid army from Star Wars movie). Undead dragons, who were wreaking havoc moments ago, will dip into a death glide and crash into oblivion. During the death match against the Night King, Jon sustained critical injuries and with his objective accomplished, he falls to the ground and closes his eyes…presumed dead.

Jamie Lannister / Tyrion Lannister – see Cersei Lannister.

Cersei Lannister – who has watched all of the battles from afar, sees victory and has sacrificed the least. She recalls her troops and holds the high ground. She has her brothers taken prisoner and held to be executed. With the assistance of Faceless Arya Stark, the brothers are freed and they help maneuver her closer to the Queen knowing her plan to end the Queen’s reign. During the attempted coup, Jamie is fatally wounded and Tyrion is easily captured. As Cersei is making the classic villain mistake of gloating over her would-be victim, Tyrion is revealed to be Arya in disguise and Tyrion unleashes a cross-bolt into Cersei’s heart. Arya dies in Tyrion’s arms as she smiles and tell him her list is complete.

Sansa Stark – also outside of the battle-lines, Lady Sansa awaits the outcome of the war at Winterfell. After all her manipulations and strategies, all she can do is wait to see if her side has gained victory. Her brother’s wolf Ghost arrives at her castle door and stays by her side for days. Finally a raven arrives with a message from Tyrion. On the paper, the message reads (in Tyrion’s voice):

The Night King and his undead army are no more.

Daenerys and her dragons are no more.

Jon is dead.

Arya is dead.

Cersei is dead

Kings Landing has fallen.

We are victorious, but in the lowest sense of the word.

The weather has broken and Winter is receding.

King’s Landing is yours to command.

(end letter)

Sansa absently rubs her belly and begins to write a letter of response. Ghost unleashes a mournful howl, then falls silent. He circles and lays down by the fire. He closes his eyes but before he does, for a brief second they appear to glint an icy blue color.

OK so this was a total work of fiction and I’m sure is at least 100% wrong for what will happen in those final six episodes. Obviously I skimmed over what will take place in the play-by-play for each character not revealing too many double-crosses and wow moments. I chose to focus on who would live and who presumably would die and a best guess on the circumstances. Almost guaranteed there will be alliances broken and more than one instance of back-stabbing resulting in beloved characters lost. However these episodes shake out, it should be a hoot! Thinking about the ride so far almost makes me want to read the books (written by George R.R. Martin) but I don’t know if I have that kind of time. As of right now, five of the seven ‘books’ have been published to the tune of greater than 4200 pages. Actually there are seven books out right now, as two of the books were split into two books. The sixth actual book in the series, as projected by the author, has not been finished and no firm publishing date has been set. So I guess there is no rush to run out and read them.

Hopefully you found my guesses somewhat entertaining and perhaps logical. As the series has been completely unpredictable so far, just about anything could happen up to and including an invasion of Mortal Kombat characters to save Earth Realm. I think most fans can reasonably agree that some way, some how, the Night King will fall and that his undead army will disintegrate without his unholy presence. That just leaves the people to pick up the pieces and decide if they want to change their ways; most likely I think most will not opt to see error of their ways. It will be back to business as usual (in the story) and no dragons to worry about…unless there are some more dragon eggs squirreled away in secret to be hatched with some magical hoodoo? Oooooh.

Everyone have a great weekend and we will be back soon!



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