Customizing Your Heaven

Good day to one and all! Hopefully this Friday finds you in good spirits, good health and able to buy one or more items on minimal cost that are enjoyable to be consumed!

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As it so happens I was recently attending a baseball game for the Major League Baseball team the St Louis Cardinals. My ticket for entry was given to me for free (which is always nice) and I was able to attend the game with some of the Halbrook family. After going through the stadium’s security ritual, where I was declared safe to enter, I ran into a friend I know through softball. My softball buddy’s name is Patrick and his son Austin was there as well. I have known both of them for a while; I even attended Patrick’s wedding reception earlier this year. Upon seeing Patrick and Austin, we shot the breeze (talked) for a bit before I wandered away to visit the men’s room on the way to my seat for the night. As far as the location of my seat goes, it was pretty good. We were situated about 10-15 rows back from the right field foul pole with a pretty decent view of the playing field and stadium as a whole. Ray Halbrook was delayed entering the stadium with some electronics but later he joined me at our seats. Eventually (about halfway through the game) Jeremy and his dad also joined us.

Being the social media goof that I am, I did a couple of short segments of Facebook Live (streamed video) from our seats to show the ballgame action and surrounding crowd composition. In between broadcast segments, I kept looking directly behind myself up the ‘tunnel’ to the outer concourse to see if Jeremy and his dad were there yet (See previous mention of them showing up later). During one of these look-backs, I spotted a familiar face in the tunnel and flagged him down. Clad in Cardinal red was another softball friend Dennis but everyone calls him by his last name which is Riddle. Riddle came and sat with me and Ray for a bit. We chatted about our impending nuptials, softball and life in general. Eventually there was break in the on-field action and Riddle extended his hand for a handshake and moved on to find his boss/friend (whom he was there with) a couple of sections over from us.

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Once Riddle left but before Jeremy and his dad showed up, Ray and I were conversing about the Sports Stalkers Podcast (on the Podbean app) among other things. During our conversation, I was splitting my attention between him and my Iphone (he was doing the same so don’t judge me!). Scrolling through my social media notifications, I noticed that another softball acquaintance Adrienne had commented on the Facebook video that she was in the stadium attending the game also. So that was pretty cool.

After a bit of time, Jeremy and his dad arrived with a mostly eaten plate of nachos that they offered to me to finish but I declined! I am not a nachos buzzard! But I digress.

Sitting from left to right facing the playing field we were as follows: Jeremy’s dad, Jeremy, Ray and then myself. On the field, the home team was struggling to get anything going as an offensive threat against their rival the Milwaukee Brewers so the game was a little tense, but mostly dull.

With the on-field action at a minimum and the conversation taking a break, my mind started to wander. I’m just going to preface this by saying that my mind tends to skew towards darker, less fluffy daydreaming so reconcile that as you will.

During a few moments of holding my eyes shut to avoid watching the wildling children in front of us devour some cotton candy in a very unsanitary way, it occurred to me: what if I died at this moment?

I told you I tend to think darkly…but anyway, I thought to myself what if I died for whatever reason (choked on gulp of water, commercial sized camera dropped on me from the upper deck, attacked by pigeons and contracted a rare but instantly fatal disease or what have you) right here and now? What would I hope for in the ‘after-life’ should there be one? Then I opened my eyes and started looking around the stadium. I thought to myself: this setting would make for a pretty cool eternity. Being at a baseball stadium while a ballgame was being played and running into people I like for all time…yeah sign me up!


Now I don’t know if that can be arranged, like the fictitious company Rekall from the movie Total Recall starring Arnold Schwarzenegger where they artificially implant memories for the customers, but it would be amazing in my opinion. Obviously there would need to be a few caveats like free concessions food/beverages and always having an available clean stall to do your bodily business. And at least once during each game I would get to catch a batted ball. That would be a pretty sweet deal. Some of you may think that this scene doesn’t sound all that great to you and that is fine. You can have your own custom ever-after scenarios built for you too. They say nothing is impossible correct?

Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog. Hopefully it was worth the few minutes it took to get this far. If you would like to give me feedback, just send me a message or an e-mail ( about anything – go for it! Hope you have a great weekend and we will look to reconnect in October 2018!



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