Blogging during Autumn 2018

Good morning! Today is Wednesday, October 17th. Officially today is day number 25 of Autumn or Fall if you prefer. Pumpkin spice everything is all about and the temps are finally in the 40’s-50’s-60’s. The days are getting shorter and trying to escape the warm bed in the morning to stumble about in the darkness to get ready for work is becoming quite the chore. My mental outlook is getting so critical that I’ve started throwing in a couple of dollars to the Mega Millions lotto crazy pool – presently the Jackpot is estimated at $868,000,000 for the Friday drawing. With that kind of money I could finance a Pitbull music video or something as equally frivolous!

On the sports front, the NBA season kicked off: teams won. This is week 7 of the NFL football schedule…no real rooting interest just curious to see how each week my fantasy team will screw me over. The MLB baseball playoffs are churning along without my Cleveland Indians. The Red Sox are up on the Astros 2-1 and the Brewers-Dodgers series is a split through four games.

As of today the official phone watch (as in alert, not wrist watch) is on. I ordered a new iPhone 8 Plus from the T-Mobile store to replace my malfunctioning iPhone 6 Plus. So that means I will have to add all my apps and such back to my phone and I can go back to recording my Freak Show Podcast (on the Podbean app).

There are 23 days until the wedding and all the insanity that flows around the event. Softball is nearly complete as there are just a few weeks left on Monday and Friday alike. There may be a random tournament on the weekends but by the time the Thanksgiving turkey is on the table that too will be done.

Hope your Hump Day is going well. Stay tuned and we shall post again soon!



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