My Next Tattoo

Hello worldwide readers! Feel free to browse around my blog for a wide-ranging list of topics and interesting perspectives on said topics. As many of you know, I am in the middle of a money drought mostly due to my upcoming wedding in less than four weeks. Then in short order afterwards, Christmas shall be here. Hopefully by February or March I will be able to dig out from under the associated debts for these two events or at least that is my plan. At that time (February-March) I hope to get back in the tattoo chair for some new body art and the blood-letting experience that goes with it.

For the record I presently have four tattoos and anticipate getting at least a few more before I stop existing in this world. For the longest time I have told people that I will get a Chief Wahoo/Cleveland Indians tattoo when they win the World Series. Well based on the team’s recent performances in October, I decided that I will just get one anyway because I might not have that kind of longevity in this world to wait for that event to come to pass.


With the ground work and subject (Chief Wahoo) already set, I just decided that I would start trying to hone ideas for how the tattoo will look and location upon my person is still to be officially determined. My upper chest is partly covered and my upper arms are also mostly covered, so my best guess is that I will opt for my left calf area – probably on the outside facing portion. As my other four tattoos have a grim and dark theme, naturally I figured I would take the iconic Chief Wahoo face and have it altered to match my darker style. The inspiration for my first tattoo was based on a book cover by one of my favorite authors, Brian Lumley, from his Necroscope series. So I am looking for a fresh take on the friendly, smiling Chief Wahoo face. Perhaps something that turns him into something semi-ghoulish with maybe a toxic fumed background – think the new Doom video game monsters genre. Color palette is also optional as I’m just open to something where the reference is undeniable but with a ‘biting’ and dynamic edge.

Now some people will automatically be offended by the modification and sinister change to a cartoon Indian. To those people I say (again), get a life. This is an open challenge/call to all graphic artists, tattoo artists or people who just like to play around with sketching. Please hit me up with your ideas and renderings! Maybe I will get your design permanently applied to my body such as it is and even if it doesn’t make it to tattoo status, I would like to feature your artwork on my blog sometime. It could be really cool so let’s do this!



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