Bohemian Rhapsody…what even is that?

So apparently Freddie Mercury really liked cats…this was my take away from the Queen inspired movie Bohemian Rhapsody. Just kidding. Bazinga.


Although the Queen lead singer had an extraordinary affinity for felines, as do I, the two plus hour long movie covers so much other ground. Before I get rolling here, thank you for coming in to check out my blog. With Thanksgiving less than one week away, I have a paltry single entry this month so far in blogland. Shame on me! Shame!

Tonight was a Saturday night and my lovely wife was obligated to do her paid nurse duties at the hospital, so I was left to my own devices. The night started sadly enough with the monthly tradition of paying bills. Once that was done, I decided to scoot down to the local (Arnold, MO) Walmart for light bulbs and mailing envelopes. After that accomplished, my next destination was the Marcus Theater known as Ronnies 20. At the theater’s self-service ticket kiosk, I procured a ticket (seat 8D). From there I hit up the concessions line to exchange currency for a Slushie/Slurpee beverage and some very unsatisfying nacho chips with tasteless yellow-orange liquid cheese. But the sugary sweet brain-freezing drink and super salty nachos were almost immediately forgotten once the film began to roll.

Wow. Simply wow.

As is my custom when reviewing movies, TV shows or video games – I will (try) not give away any spoilers. The showtime was listed as 9:30pm but with the pre-show commercials, etc. I guess the movie actually started somewhere around 9:45pm. After the film was completed I exited the building at 12:04am. The movie was probably over with several minutes before then but I stayed for a bit through the end credits to watch a video clip of the band and listen to more of Queen’s music.

For those who will ask: Would I recommend this film to others? I would answer a resounding YES…and no. For those who enjoy the music of Queen and know the lead singer’s quirkiness, they will probably enjoy the film as it was very well done. However, if anyone has the slightest bit of homophobia, I would say you probably will not enjoy the movie. I’m just being straight-forward and honest. When it comes to the sexual orientation of others, I am unfazed by people of the same sex kissing or sharing intimacy. However some people just cannot process this display of affection between two people who care for another person regardless of genitalia, which is sad.

Even though the movie eclipsed the two hour mark, they (the writers and producers) probably could have doubled that to cover even more of Freddie’s life and the evolution of the band. But that assessment is probably just me being greedy as a fan and yes I am a long time Queen fan. When Queen’s Greatest Hits was released (on cassette) in 1981 I was 9 years old but I don’t think I really picked up on it until 1985 or 1986. I remember getting my copy of this cassette from the Columbia House Record/Tape Club along with a bunch of others in the mail. For those who were not around then, the Columbia House Record (aka albums) / Tape (aka cassettes) Club was a service that allowed you to ‘buy’ 6 or 7 albums or cassettes for 1 penny! However the catch was that you had to buy a few other albums or cassettes later for full club prices which were slightly higher than music store prices.

But getting back to Queen and their Greatest Hits album (on cassette), I remember being cool for a hot minute when one of the older kids on the bus would bring his radio to play songs during the bus ride to school. One day I brought my Queen’s Greatest Hits cassette and had it ready to play the beginning of We Will Rock You. Soaking in the scene and glory of the other kids enjoying that song and having them ask me to bring it again was my mini-claim to bus fame back in the day.

Of course Queen has over a dozen albums and a plethora of hits and non-hits alike. Unlike some hardcore fans, I do not claim to like every single song they have. To be honest some of their non-hits are a bit goofy or just not my thing but the same can be said for some of their radio hits as well. However, I do like the majority of their radio (Ga-Ga) works plus some select other titles that were never released to pop/rock radio. As they highlight in the movie, the band embraced diversity and had a willingness to take creative risks. For this, the world of music (and the world in general) is a better place.

I commend the spirit of the movie and applaud the team who put it together for our enjoyment. My words do not adequately tell how impressed I was with the acting and story but nonetheless if you are of an open mind and enjoy Queen’s music, you should try to find the time to watch it. Just saying…

In closing I would like to give a personal thanks to Joy Sotera (@JoySotera) on Twitter. In the vein of the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, it is important to keep pushing to release and refine our creative (gold) mine of artistry. Joy has been consistently updating her Twitter page with the #5amwritersclub hashtag to diary her writing exploits for this month. Thank you Joy. In seeing this I am reminded that it is important to embrace and practice what you love. Whether it be playing music or writing or teaching yourself to be a better cook…you must keep doing it and not let that internal voice of doubt keep you from beginning to try for fear of failure. In failure we find the pieces of future success.

As my living room clock loudly ticks its way to align the hands to represent 1:30am I will wrap this up and ponder what’s to come in my next piece. Stay tuned and channel your inner Queen to rush Headlong into your next idea or endeavor.



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