Into the night without a paddle

It has been awhile since I’ve been continuously awake and alert and intent past the 9pm hour. For months upon months it seems that I’ve just not possessed the energy or the will to engage myself with a real sense of purpose. Over that time it would appear as though I’ve had quite a bit of social media output but if you really look closely, all those likes, shares, memes et al really do not amount to much more than activity. 

I believe it was a BeeGee’s song that delved into the Still Waters philosophy. As is the case with most people (or so I would fathom), there is much going on that never gets spoken or relayed to other humans. Some of this is because I simply forget in the bustle of everyday responsibilities; yet some of it is by purposeful omission.

When I speak of the omissions, I’m not talking about silly word rhyming jokes I may find amusing or a coincidental happenstance of event that may bring forth a sense of deja vu, instead I’m speaking more to the things we all wrestle with that haunt us. Sometimes we all are intentionally opaque or vague to skitter away from that which we need to talk about but don’t dare for fear of recriminations or being made to feel our emotional toils are being trivialized.

If you are confused, then I have properly succeeded in dragging the brush behind me to cover my tracks and obscure which trail you should try to follow. I hope to post more on my blog in the next two weeks so please check back for new content or feel free to go exploring on the older topics I’ve posted.



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