Feeling Like A Bum

Hello. Do you ever just have those days where you feel like a bum? Before people get their hackles up about the term bum, let me clarify what I am trying to convey. Are there times where you feel like your clothing attire is sub-standard to those around you? In this society where everything is psycho-analyzed to the nth degree, it’s getting near impossible to have normal communications without asterisks and pre-managed disclaimers being proffered at every turn.

With all the legalese out of the way…I feel like a bum today! While standing in the lobby of my employer, I was wearing the following pieces: allowable blue jeans, plain dress shoes and dark polo shirt (covered by a hoodie). In strolled a potential employment candidate; he was wearing a full grey-green suit and looking very clean cut. Seeing him, I felt terribly ill-at-ease with my clothing choices. For the record, the clothes I was wearing were perfectly acceptable but I still felt under-dressed.

After this gentleman was in my presence for about a minute, I felt an overwhelming need to scurry off into a hole somewhere. Alas I survived the encounter and did not die from social shame. With that Monday feeling mixed in, I decided that tomorrow I shall try to do a bit better with a darker wash of jeans and probably a nicer dress shirt.

For those on the moral high ground of always being well dressed, I bow to you and acknowledge your thread superiority…for now. Until we meet again and can have a proper fashion clash (I would hope not!) of nice duds, I bid you good day!

Peace. <<<12-03-2018>>>

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