Missouri does produce snow

Hi all! Or hey y’all! Your choice of which you prefer.


So it is once again mildly snowing here in the Show Me State. Tiny little frozen flakes of water are drifting down from the sky…only to disappear once they touch the ground surface. Why am I bringing this up? Because this is like the third or fourth time already this fall (not yet winter) that we have seen some sort of snow-like precipitation. This is quite noteworthy as I think we only managed two or three ‘snowfalls’ last fall and winter combined. The aggregate of those latter snowfalls I think was a centimeter.

Contrary to public perception (perception is not always accurate reality), I do like seeing snow. I think it is schnazzy and looks pretty covering the non-driving ground… and on trees and bushes and such. The grain of truth in that I do not like snow comes from having to drive in it or more to the point, having to drive in it around people who are inept at driving in snow.

Unless you are dealing with a typical Buffalo, New York amount of snow, it’s pretty easy to drive in it here as long as your tires have a decent amount of tread and you do not try to drive too fast. Obviously too fast is a relative term. Some people think 10-20 miles over the posted speed limit is good to go for all conditions…and they would be in the wrong of proper thinking. Yes I’m talking to you over-sized truck dudes and dudettes. Your speedy passing and abrupt lane changes with no warning cause havoc behind you…not that you care.

Skidding back on to topic, I do like the snow and I think it is pretty cool to watch as it comes down at its 45 degree angle. With the flakes continuing their lemming like descent towards certain oblivion, I must return to the land of work.

Have a great Thursday and onto Friday!

Peace.   <<<12-06-2018>>>

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