PitMad … The Twitter Game?

Hello friends.

It’s OK to relax in here, this is a relative cyber safe zone. But out in the social media realms, all is fair in love and posting. As of today, I noticed that the hashtag (#) PitMad was trending again. I noticed another one a while back and tried my hand at posting a blurb with a potential story. As you may have guessed, I received no bites offering me instant wealth or even an inquiry to offer more details. So today I threw out a story that I have had circulating in the back of my mind for quite some time.

The story centers around a man seeing a psychiatrist for his depression. He has already revealed his intentions to commit suicide at a future date. But as his nature dictates, he is doing his due diligence to see if there may be some reason to forgo his self inflicted end. We see things through his eyes as he goes about his daily life and of course his regular visits to his ‘shrink’. Her task, that she has accepted, is to try to dissuade him from throwing away his life. By stockpiling all his experiences and points of view, she is betting on herself to be his savior. Will she succeed in closing his door to nevermore?

That is essentially my teaser on Twitter and we shall see if that post garners any interest. Time shall be the scorekeeper here.

Have a lovely day. Cheers!  <<12-06-2018>>

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