Just a second. I will be right with you…

(Several minutes later)

Have you been helped?

In today’s culture, our society is maddeningly impatient. If our desired web page takes more than three seconds to load we feel annoyed. When we order food from a restaurant, we expect to have have a perfect replica of the images in our mind put in front of us for consumption within a handful of minutes. Having to wait in any type of check-out line for more than thirty seconds is the height of inconvenience. The other common examples are endless on the topic of having to wait. The counter-measure to these situations is being patient. Not being a patient mind you as that probably involves a waiting period but with potential other health ramifications.

Patience grasshopper!

Ever since I was a kid I’ve always struggled with being patient and trying to find a way to not drive myself crazy while waiting for things. Birthdays, holidays, baseball season, summer vacation and so on and so forth. When there is an internal level of anxiety or excitement about something, I have found that I mentally try to will reality to speed up for whatever event or outcome I am awaiting the arrival of (like ending my sentences with prepositions!). As of this writing, I do no believe this watered down Jedi mind game has helped me in any way, shape or form but I still do it regardless of the non-difference it makes.

This year has featured many examples of events and things I was forced to wait for…
My Wedding
The baseball season to start
The baseball playoffs to start
The Darksiders III video game release
The Bull Moose Float Trip
Bad things
Good things
TV series
Job interviews…and their results
The end of the drive home to shower

Continuing on from this list, there are many more examples and these were by no means in any chronological order. But each item on this list represented something I was looking forward to or anticipating for at least a bit of time. To touch on one particular thing on the list, job interviews, I often openly acknowledge my difficulty with impatience (in actual interview settings). In that context, what is one thing you find is a weakness or that you need to improve upon (for myself)? Impatience. Given a multitude of tasks, my mind will try to be analytical and rush to exact solutions but sometimes a project or a task needs to be put on the backburner for a more pressing issue that may take more time than an easier task. The impact of completing the lesser tasks, while giving a sense of accomplishment, may not equal the ripple effect caused by doing the longer, more arduous task which may yield much less satisfaction.

Some days are better than others obviously but some are incredibly frustrating in the realm of exercising your grip on needed patience (to wait). Someone told me a long time ago that we can only control so much in our lives. For those people and situations that keep us waiting, we must forcibly put on a smile and let out a deep breath to channel our waiting function until our eventually turns comes back up for consideration. Sadly this happens quite a bit and there is little else that can be done…unless you have several hundred million dollars and can grease the wheels of the waiting process or engage in something else entirely to keep your mind occupied.

Hopefully everyone has enjoyed their first ten days in December 2018 but if not, here is to hoping the next ten days are better. Have a great week and we will talk to you soon!

Peace. <<12-10-2018>>

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