New Year, New Opportunity

Hello to one and all! Officially we are on day four of 2019. How are you feeling? Anything change for you besides the calendar? For me I started a new employment position…and so far it is great!

Now many of you have gone from one company to another and know about the honeymoon period with changing jobs. There are new faces, new responsibilities, new environment variables and so on and so forth. But for me, this is the most excited I have been about starting a new position in many, many years. To keep it generic, I started working for a company that produces athletic equipment and apparel. In the first two days on the job I have walked around the building a bit. The volume and variety of products I have seen is incredible. During the interview process, I mentioned multiple times that working for the company would be my dream job. In my short time here, I have been introduced to so many people and seen so many things that just put me in a state of disbelief. It’s like being a kid in a candy store for me.

As someone who has had a few jobs and worked at more than a few companies, I always try to position myself to find a company (to work for) that has a positive long-term outlook and a good environment to work in regarding expectations and personal interactions. There have been some good experiences along my journey but with this company I can see a tremendous amount of potential for the long term. Obviously this chapter and story have just begun but I am hopeful that I spend as many days here as there are pages in the books that inspired the HBO series Game of Thrones.

Here’s to wishing everyone a great day and positive weekend! More to come in 2019!

Peace.  <<01-04-2019>>

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