Y2K References

Good morning cyber world! Sounds like a modern age theme park with WIFI and a plethora of digital projection images for as far as the eye can see, doesn’t it?

Anywho, thanks for checking in here on January 9th  (or potentially later). I wanted to relay an interesting occurrence from yesterday. As listeners of my podcast already know, I have ventured back into the gym (in a workout capacity) for the first time in 15-20 years. After partaking in the tanning bed benefit my gym offers (Xist Fit) in preparation for my two trips to Florida at the end of this month and then my honeymoon trip to Cancun at the end of February, I traversed over to the exercise side for some fitness (read: to get in some cardio). Initially my hope was to do some arm, shoulder and chest exercises before settling in to work on the elliptical but that semi-desired section was full up. With option number one shot down, I spied an open machine in the back row and settled in for 15 minutes of fun! Please note that last sentence was finished with a tremendous amount of sarcasm. As relayed in my podcast, I loathe to exercise. Not all aspects of working out mind you as I rather enjoy the leg press and the chest/shoulder presses. Exercises of that nature I find a bit satisfying and beneficial. Now the ‘cardio’ based machines et al I cannot stand.

Some of the fitness enthusiasts I’m sure will be gruff and ruffled at me for saying that but it tis very true. First off, I have never really seen any measurable physical results from doing the cardio – granted this was eons ago but still. I guess there is some sort of benefit to skiing, walking and swooshing on these machines for what seems like an eternity but I cannot for the life of me see it after I’m done. The day after cardio, I’m usually not sore or feel more energetic. I don’t feel as though my stamina in everyday life is enhanced. I just don’t get it. And as an added kick in the taint, my mind is furious with me the entire time while I’m on these machines. Typically, there are several TV screens in view and I try to focus on those. To augment this time eater, I will do a bit of people watching. I’ll scan whatever and look down after what feels like the longest of time periods  has expired and the stupid machine timer will show like 26 seconds has elapsed.

Gak! Ack! Aaaaah!

If there is ever one of those bomb diffusing situations where time is of the essence, all they need to do is bring in an elliptical machine, set it up and place me on it with some sort of pre-loaded program activated. Those bomb deactivating people will have an eternity to order stuff off Ebay, take their car for an oil change, learn scrap-booking techniques used in the 1990’s and of course actually do their primary job without any stress related concern of the bomb detonating. That exercise machine stretches time like a kid pulling apart salt water taffy. It’s absolutely maddening!

The title of the post? Oh yeah, while I doing the fitness part of the gym yesterday I ran into my wife’s father working out (because he is crazy and enjoys always working out). We got to talking and I told him I haven’t belonged to a real gym since before the turn of the millennium. He found that mind-blowing.

Now truth be told, I have exercised (in-home and abroad) in the last 20 plus years but sporadically. I have worked out using Tony Little workout DVD’s in the living room and also with personal trainer Darcy Zenker (on Facebook) on location for some ‘boot camp’ programs but that’s about it. For the record, I have belonged to Xist Fitness for four days now and gone twice. Will this pace continue? What about when softball starts up full-time again? Time will tell. Stay tuned!

Peace. <<01-09-2019>>

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