The Freak Show Podcast


Hello…is it my blog you’re looking for?

For those of you that sang that in the voice of Adele in your heads instead of Lionel Richie, please stop. For those of you that read it as Morgan Freeman, good choice! Well Done! Bravo!

As I sit on an airplane about 12 feet away from a very unhappy child, I wanted to talk for a second about my personal podcast. For those who have not been to my personal website or just don’t know about my personal podcast, it is called The Freak Show (on the Podbean app). Now before you start conjuring up concepts of the macabre and grotesquely inappropriate, let me reassure you that is not how my podcast is…most of the time anyway.

For those of you who do not know, I earned the nickname The Freak mostly due to my impressive softball feats of power and strength in comparison to much larger player specimens…and also because they thought I was an odd-bird with some of my comments / unusual observations. So when I took the leap to do a personal podcast for fun, initially I just had the podcast as my normal name. But over time I decided it would make more sense to embrace branding and change the Scott Latta podcast to The Freak Show Podcast! The name change is a bit catchier and just on the name alone sure to draw more curiosity than the previous incarnation.

In between starting my own podcast until now, I have appeared with a fellow softballer (Jeremy) on a recently ended Sports Stalkers Podcast (December 2016 to January 2019 – last episode October 2018) run that went more than sixty episodes. I also appeared on The Go Show (Football) Podcast with another fellow softball friend (Jeff) for a pair of baseball preview episodes about a year ago. Even with doing those side projects and also stepping out of my comfort zone to do some (high school) basketball broadcasting (LiveStreamSTL – Facebook, Youtube), I still made time to try to do a weekly episode or two for my own podcast. Some would ask why I do it…and the answer is simply that I enjoy doing it and I like to see how it will turn out.

Contrary to some perceptions, my podcasts are not scripted like a TV sitcom. The general game plan is to have talking points (topics) and from there I try to expound on my personal feelings related to trends or noteworthy events (at least noteworthy in my opinion). Sometimes the topic flows into another related or unrelated item and I find that fun. Also, and I admit this is the selfish part, I really enjoy getting feedback from people who have listened to my podcasts. I have had a number of people say that they liked a certain edition in which I covered something in sports or they found my take on a social situation humorous or for them it just helped pass the time while on a road trip in the car. All good to me and greatly appreciated to know.

At present I have 82 editions of The Freak Show Podcast up on my Podbean site, free for anyone to listen to or download. Beyond those 82 editions, there are three to four dozen ‘episodes’ before that when it was just my name podcast. Mixed in along the way are some interviews with various people whom I have known or met through social media and gotten their permission to conduct a Behind The Music if you will on their lives. From book authors, to major (paid to play) softball players, to former ESPN sportswriters, to female bodybuilder and so on and so forth. They all have intriguing stories and It’s very humbling that they gave me some time to let them tell a small part of their life stories. Hopefully coming up in the near future, I will be able to virtually sit down with Michele Smith, two-time Olympic Gold medalist in softball for my personal site and tell a part of her story but I shall have to be patient as she has many requests for her time.

For those of you interested in my podcast, go to Google and search The Freak Show Podcast or Scott Latta Social Lair. Either one should put you right on the money. Everyone have a great week and as always feel free to share my blog with friends and family. If you feel so inclined, please send me a message with a topic you would like for me to cover or if you have any feedback about my blog or podcasts.

Peace.  <<01-21-2019>>


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