Up in the air…

Hello and welcome to my mobile blog! Some people like to think they are above others when maybe they really aren’t. But I can say for sure that I am above all of you! But, that is only because technically I am cruising at like 38,000 feet on an airplane. After my trip last week and about six hours of ‘downtime’ while on flights, I decided to try to utilize my time a little more constructively than just mindlessly staring out into space and playing iPad games. After some readers have read my blog they might argue that those activities are a better use of my time but I shall forge ahead undaunted!

Twenty-one days into the New Year and things have certainly been busy and at a more hectic pace than previous years. This statement is coming from someone who stays busy in the summertime by playing softball nearly every day of the week on top of working Monday through Friday and mixing in activities for an 8 year old.

With a (great) new job comes great new responsibilities. Wasn’t it Peter’s uncle or someone in one of the Spiderman movies who made that declaration? I shall Google it later for validation when I have full access to the World Wide Web and not just the Southwest Airlines quasi-WIFI. For the last year plus I have been able to do most of my writing during business hours due to the nature of my sporadic workload and given autonomy. Those days are gone. Replacing that safe, if not boring, career state is one instead requiring real attention to detail and much patience with process building.

Now I have to admit, some days I’m torn. The previous work life was easy and entirely maintainable; whereas the new one, even in its infancy, has a challenging outlook ahead in the near future and down the road a ways. The torn part comes in because sometimes I have a super lazy side and that previous existence afforded tons of downtime to develop my own agenda with nothing really pushing me. Dead end Careertown complete with imaginary tumbleweeds. Even though I am less than three weeks into my new position for a fantastic company that has awesome perks and I have relatively little to do at this stage, it still requires most of my work day to be in job mode and not chasing other interests. Which is fine. I am no stranger to hard work or being dedicated but the lazy side of me tends to tap me on the shoulder here and there and be like: hey, what about me?

Presently we are about two hours away from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and then in turn half an hour away from Boca Raton which is the work destination. Luckily I do not mind flying too much or these next several weeks would be tough to get through.

For my WordPress blog readers, Twitter followers, Facebook friends, Podbean podcast listeners and of course people I see outside of the virtual environment, thank you for checking in to see what I have left for you to find. I hope to have more productive sessions forthcoming and get back into writing more frequently. As a trade-off, I may have to substitute brevity for the more in-depth pieces but we shall play it by ear.

Everyone have a great evening and talk to you soon!

Peace.  <<01-21-2019>>

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